Friday, April 2, 2010

Week in Pop Culture

Ladies, in case your wondering, Gerard Butler appears to be a booty guy.

Aaron Eckhart might give up movies to work behind the camera.

Lindsay Lohan apparently thinks you do coke through your feet. And she decided to defend her crazy ways on twitter.

Luke Wilson thinks he's better than those AT&T commercials. I just wish he'd get out of the contract so I don't have to forward through those dumb ads.

The guy who wrote "Battlefield Earth" has apologized for the film. I'm not sure I'm ready to forgive.

Teri Hatcher is launching a website to help ladies. I'm assuming it's BYOB - Bring Your Own Botox.

Because he hasn't been relevant in a decade, Ricky Martin decided to announce what the rest of us already knew.

Also desperate for attention: these girls.

WHAT!?!? Miley Cyrus has never had acting lessons? This is me. Acting shocked.

Stephanie Meyer is sucking me in with another vampire book.

You might have forgotten about Charlotte Church. This might refresh your memory.

Still not sure why Mischa Barton is famous?

Irony alert: Madonna does not want her teenage daughter to dress whorish.

If you haven't seen Cameron Diaz doing her best Daisy Duke, here ya go.

Sad. Elizabeth Taylor says no more surgery.

Maybe Cher should back away from the plastic surgeon's office.

Anna Paquin says she's bisexual.

Something you don't hear about every day: an actor gets fired from a film role for refusing to do a sex scene.

The Hoff is giving Germans a reason to vacation in Vegas.

Charlie Sheen might love cocaine more than acting. Although I could be reading that wrong.

I'll wrap up the week's notes with a singer falling down on stage - because as long as no one gets hurt, it's funny.
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