Friday, April 23, 2010

Week In Pop Culture

If you cheat on your wife, you should not be surprised when you go to into the territory of your former mistress/current girlfriend and are taunted. Wasn't me - I was working.

As much as I would HATE to see "Mad Men" go, if all the loose ends are tied up, I'd be OK with that.

What!?!? James Bond on hold? Unacceptable!

Valerie Bertinelli shows Kirstie Allie what a REAL loser can do.

Oh, Mariah Carey! Marrying your boy/husband a third time is only going to make it that much more expensive when you divorce!
Joan Collins would be a nightmare travel partner.

If Heather Locklear ever offers you a ride, just say no.

Jon Bon Jovi has lost his shirt.

Charlie Sheen really knows how to show the people at his hit show how much he loves them.

I rarely love a remake, but I might check out this one with Helen Mirren.

I haven't liked Donald Faison since "Clueless." This is not helping.

I'm not sure what Doug Reinhardt does for a living, but I think spending more than $10 on Paris Hilton is too much.

LOVE Salma Hayek. Her shoes, not so much.

Finally, I'm leaving you with a picture of Renee Zellwegger. If you know what's going on with her face, please let me know. I want to NOT have that.
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