Monday, April 26, 2010

Is This REALLY A Good Idea?

It's no secret that Facebook has some annoying ads. Sometimes, they go beyond that and just get creepy. But one ad is a bit odd.
That's KFC's "Bucket For A Cure." Fifty cents from each tub o' chicken goes to Susan G. Komen For the Cure. KFC wants to raise $8.5 million off this pink campaign. Nice gesture.

But when I click the link to learn more, I'm taken to the Komen site. There, a whole page full of risk factors, among them: weight.

So I go back and look at the nutrition information on KFC's foods. Shocking. No trans fat, but lots and lots of everything else (how else would they make it taste good?).

So, how on earth can you make a difference with your two quarters going to this cause and eating that chicken? I say pass on the pink bucket and write a check directly to the Komen Foundation. Your breasts (and your butt) will thank you.
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