Friday, March 5, 2010

Week in Pop Culture

I'm beginning to think all those people who used drugs in the 70s will never die.

What's the best way to get back at your ex-boyfriend who blabs about your sex life? Go talk to Oprah!

Some day, Justin Timberlake will return to making music and STOP making bad movies.

Hey! More crazy talk from Megan Fox!

Note to all film-makers: don't send a letter pleading for votes if you're up for an award.

Since you've probably stopped watching, you should know that "Ugly Betty" has naked teeth.

I was totally uninterested in the "Smurf" movie until I read this.

Mario Lopez (AKA Slater) got a dog and gave it the most ridiculous name ever.

Lindsay Lohan is "writing" a book. I use the quotes because I'm not sure she can read.

Seriously, tabloids, back off the kids. They didn't seek fame. They don't need you questioning their life choices.

Now that I know Julianne Hough likes douchebags, I like her less.

Johnny Depp's lady wants him to stay away from Angelina Jolie. And after reading this, I wonder if there's anything Angelina won't do.

No surprise: Jon Gosselin is so un-endowed, even Playgirl wouldn't pay much to see his little friend.

I am now considering Botox.

Not sure I want to see stars ice skate - unless there's some Johnny Wier involved.

Now, you can be just like Keira Knightley and rent designer shoes.

Finally, I just don't get Rihanna.
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