Saturday, March 13, 2010

Week in Pop Culture

Best MTV news I've heard in a LONG time: They're bringing back "Unplugged!" Yay! Music on MTV!

Lisa Rinna says this photo proves she hasn't had too much Botox.

My least favorite cast member on "Grey's Anatomy" appears to be outta there.

When Divas collide:

PLEASE, Hollywood! Leave "The Wizard of Oz" alone!

Great week for Betty White news: She'll host SNL & be on "The Middle" in May!

It appears Paris Hilton needs some attention. Click at your own risk.

Heidi Montag's new manager is a psychic. Road to success, people!

Don't tell Jessica Simpson, but apparently the last guy to pay attention to her prefers dudes.

Speaking of the Busty Blonde One, she's DIRTY.

Photos show Jennifer Aniston appearing to want to do naughty things to Gerard Butler. His words should wipe those thoughts out of her head. FOREVER.

Maybe she should just picture this (or bang it - whatever).

Good news: Christopher Nolan will NOT include Mr. Freeze in the final "Batman." Bad news: Arnold Schwarzenegger will need to look harder for work when he's done Governating.

She's more than twice my age, but I wish I looked this good now!

Justin Timberlake likes ladies not named Jessica Biel.

Why didn't any of you jerks get me this for my birthday????

Lindsay Lohan, step away from Christina Ricci! That girl has talent!

Demi Moore is Mom of The Year.

I LOVE BRAVO! Seriously. I can sit on the sofa watching reality show after reality show. And now, there's MORE! (Most excited about the Mia Michaels' show - she's my fave from SYTYCD!)

In his later years, Corey Haim was a horrible version of himself. So in his honor, I'll remember him like this. RIP.
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