Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Having A "Sex And The City" Moment

And, friends, that's NOT a good thing.

Before I hopped in the shower this morning, I caught a glimpse of myself that reminded me of an episode from season five called "Luck Be An Old Lady." It was Charlotte's 35th birthday and the girls all went to Atlantic City to celebrate. Only Charlotte wasn't exactly in the mood to honor the date. Miranda gave her a deck of Old Maid cards, which made Charlotte put on her sad face. Then, she saw herself in the mirror - shower cap and all - and looked like the lady from the stack of cards. That prompted her to go to the casino all tarted up.
I tried my best to look for Charlotte as Old Maid. Couldn't find one. So, I'll share my slightly altered picture of myself this morning. I didn't dare post it untouched as I am not wearing a stitch of makeup (might still have a little bit left over from yesterday). 
I realized I may look like an Old Maid who's had a rough night, but I hardly consider myself an Old Maid. First of all, people are living to be well past 100, so my age (and Charlotte's) are hardly old. Second, I have very few maid traits. I am, like, 15 cats away from being Crazy Cat Lady.

So my picture made me sad (briefly). I know that I live a good life that has it's moments. Seriously, Lottery Gods, help a girl out! Even though that photo shows me having a pathetic moment, I am over it. Until I put on that shower cap again.

PS - Shower cap makers, could you make some that are cuter and less grandma-like? Thank you!
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