Friday, May 7, 2010

Week In Pop Culture

Pink is trying not to be a mean girl.

Ugh. Kristen Stewart. She is quite possibly the worst actress of all time.

James Gandolfini might be returning to HBO.

Elvis now (allegedly) died because he was all pooped-up.

The lovely Dita Von Teese nails it.

I wouldn't normally weigh-in on such an issue, but I really DO believe Kim Kardashian is a (fame) whore.

Chaz Bono is officially a mister. There's a twisted part of me that wants to know if he has a wiener.

I think that "Intervention" show needs to focus on Whitney Houston.

Some country singer is a lesbian. Her then-country singer boyfriend should have known something was up.

I don't even know what to say about this:

"Sex And The City" ladies don't always ♥ one another.

Jennifer Aniston's diet secret sounds gross.

Craig Kilborn might be returning to TV.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck attacks Erin Andrews for her costumes on DWTS, then apologizes.

A&E has the most random list of "celebrities" for reality shows: David Hasselhoff, Dee Snider & Bob Saget.

Miley Cyrus is becoming Britney Spears. I predict head shaving/pregnancy in five years.

Heidi Montag has already made plans to make her chest explode

Have to wonder if the people making those Hollywood Walk of Fame stars actually pay attention when making the stars.

Is it a good sign when one of a movie's stars does not like the poster?

Jimmy Fallon will host the Emmy Awards.

Kate Gosselin fans will get to see her do a full-body dry heave one more time.

Katy Perry likes people to pay attention to her. Or maybe she was trying to keep up with Lady GaGa.

Drugs did not kill Corey Haim.

Bret Michaels is out of the hospital.

Madonna just says no to airbrushing.

I would sooo watch soccer if it was played like this.

Watch what happens when a "Modern Family" star and Lady GaGa collide.

Not sure why Christina Hendricks went out with a muppet on her shoulder.

Jennifer Aniston might be on the verge of turning into a kidnapper.

Cameron Diaz apparently likes sloppy thirds.

Mariah Carey brought a few special guests to her third wedding to her young husband.

Totally believe Naomi Campbell is sorry for tossing her cell phone at people repeatedly.

Those "Jersey Shore" kids are really milking their 15 minutesDear God, please make it end soon.

That Johnny Weir is so cute! He thinks he can sing like Britney (Johnny, even Britney doesn't sing like Britney).

Jane Fonda gets back into her leotard.

Jessica Simpson wants to be Michelle Obama. I'm guessing Jessica should start by brushing her teeth.

If these pictures really do show James Franco is a heroin addict, I am not surprised.

R.I.P., Lynn Redgrave.

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