Friday, May 14, 2010

Week In Pop Culture

It appears Kim Kardashian's diet secret has nothing to do with that stuff she is paid to promote.

Look! Super-skinny girls can't wear everything!

I am far from a singer, but if I killed myself on "American Idol," I'd be pissed that this is the best I'd get out of that work.

Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford did their show without makeup. Is it just me or does anyone else think Kathie Lee looks a little like Mariah Carey?

I don't know if I believe there's this fight over Alex Rodriguez. He's had sex with Madonna. That's gross.

Larry King may not need that divorce lawyer after all...

I never would have thought Dennis Quaid could play Bill Clinton until I saw this.

Miley Cyrus dances the opposite of Hannah Montana with a gay dude. Shocking.

Jessica Simpson has gotten a job - playing herself. Hope she nails it! Also, she's a readerWell, she has a Kindle and it has books on it. I cannot actually confirm she will read them herself.

Teri Hatcher now has a website offering what I can only assume are cougariffic tips.

Cynthia Nixon says the nicest things about her girlfriend.

If I meet Catherine Zeta-Jones, I'm going to pin her down and force feed her a cheeseburger.

"So You Think You Can Dance" is my summer TV candy. If you like it, too, here's some judge news.

I might have tried these.

Tyra Banks has written a book and mine sits 1/4 completed on my laptop. I am clearly FOF.

Oooh! Look! It's the Battle of The Attention Whores!

I have never wanted a tattoo. So, can someone please explain Amanda Seyfried's ink? And will she still want that when she's elderly?

This story makes me want to be a stage mom.

Miss USA is doing its best to make you believe beauty is more than skin deep with these sexy photos.

Maxim's Hot 100 of 2010 and I am shocked at the girl at the top of the list.

CBS lets Andy Rooney prove how out of touch he is with pop culture.

 (wrongly) writes that gays can't play straight and be successful. The lovely and talented Kristin Chenoweth sets them straight (no pun intended).

Bobby Brown is engaged and I really hope there's a reality show coming soon.

R.I.P., Lena Horne.

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