Monday, September 12, 2011

Online Coupons Gone Wrong

I love an online coupon! What I don't love: those that come across as more creepy than good deal. I've been keeping an eye on them lately. Here are a few that have made me shriek when I open my email.

Now, I appreciate a savings of 70% on most things. However, I have to wonder if you should put your fat in the hands of a stranger for a discount. The site says lasers do the zapping, but if they're only getting 30% of their usual fee, are they putting their best people behind the pointer? Also, this silly statement makes me question how seriously they take their business:
The procedure has no known side effects, except for the common laser-induced affinity for all works of science fiction.
Oh, good. I'll be a skinny geek. LAME.
Now, 91% off is one heckuva bargain! But I'm not putting my chompers in the hands of someone who's only collecting 9% of their usual fee. It's not that I don't think they couldn't put some sparkle in my shine. It's that I'm pretty sure they'll find something that will make me go back for a more expensive (and not discounted) service.

This day, it was a random selection of goods. Get your teeth straight, a car wash, make beer at home, then go watch ladies play basketball. Did anyone grab all four deals?
I love gourmet popcorn. I do think the folks at Deanan could have chosen a better picture for their ad. Every time I peek at this image, I keep seeing a pile of skulls. Not appetizing. Look at it! It's like a scene from Goonies!

While I love me a good deal, I just find that more days than not I'm turned off by these coupons. And on the days that I buy one, I feel like I'm instantly up against the clock to make use of them before they expire. Too much pressure. 
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