Friday, September 9, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

John Travolta looks much better without the hairpieces.
Cher doesn't care if you see her as a work in progress.

I'm already calling this my new favorite TV show.

Little Suri Cruise is still wearing heels.

Am I the only one who thinks this Charlie Sheen roast should have happened six months ago?

I will never understand why celebrities walk around on public streets and sidewalks without shoes.

I am more surprised to see Anderson Cooper in the sunlight than who he's hanging with.

Ugh. Another one of these TV shows?

Mary Tyler Moore is getting a special honor.

Lindsay Lohan's sister looks different.

I really don't know what to think about Ben Affleck.
It's official: John Galliano is a hater.

I don't love the Kardashians, but even I think this is cute.

Paris Hilton is trying out a new job.

Lauren Bush is now Lauren Lauren.

Well, now Beyonce is just a show off.

Want some Schweddy Balls?
Blake Lively appears to like granny panties.

I wish I had a few million to buy just one of Elizabeth Taylor's pieces of jewelry.

New Year's Eve is going Gaga.

Reese Witherspoon was hit by a car.

Neil Diamond is engaged (and on Twitter).

Don't believe the reports Jessica Simpson is getting a breast reduction.

Idris Elba is making me thirsty.
The Price Is Right still has some behind the scenes creepiness going on. Allegedly.

NBC's Andrea Mitchell has breast cancer.

Kate Hudson's dad has pretty much guaranteed that he'll never talk to her again.

Movie I can't wait not to see: The Expendables 2.

Matthew Perry must still be raking in Friends cash.

Shannen Doherty's house is not in good shape.

Dr. Phil is talking about his interview with Casey Anthony's parents, so now you don't have to watch it.

Sandra Bullock's little Louis is super cute!
Here's Lady Gaga without makeup.

Celine Dion's home was hit by burglars.

Hold On for this reality show.

Farmer Ted was arrested.

New couple alert!

The View's new brides talked about their respective big days.

Can you tell Selma Blair had a baby six weeks ago?
Fellas, here's Olivia Munn in a bikini.

The CMA nominees have been announced.

If you want to give Madonna flowers, don't give her these.

Jim Carrey is still doing strange things.

Guy Ritchie has a new baby.

Is this a new Hollywood couple or are they "just friends?"

Gerard Butler = still hot.
This potential Oscar host seems a bit random. But it IS official.

Two people I almost forgot were actors are in a movie together.

Adele just makes me happy.

Susan Lucci is still bitter about her soap bubble being burst.

A little creepy: Al Pacino's girlfriend is 40 YEARS younger than him.

I can't believe airlines think they can kick someone (even a rocker) off a plane because their pants are too low.

Diddy is one heckuva vodka pitchman.
Melissa Joan Hart is right on with the crazy controversy surrounding DWTS.

Ralph Macchio has a sense of humor.

Billy Corgan is pretty much a jerk.

It seems like The Talk is lost.

I don't care what NASA says, I'm still interested in that Apollo 18 movie.

Who knew Susan Boyle and Nicki Minaj were a match made in somewhere?

Bethenny is now trying to take over the world of fiction.
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