Friday, September 30, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

BREAKING NEWS: Kim Cattrall has cellulite.
I'd really like Kristen Stewart to put those away.

If Patrick Dempsey is correctly hinting that this is the last season of Grey's Anatomy, I'm OK with it.

Who's surprised by this story from Martha Stewart's daughter?

The Kardashians finally came clean.

A Gossip Girl has a fancy new home.

OMG! Tom Brady cut his hair!
Mike Myers has a baby boy.

A rapper is out of prison again.

So these two super-thin celebs have the same plastic surgeon?

A former Playboy bunny has had her breasts insured.

Rachel Zoe does not know how to travel lightly.

Not what you think: Selma Blair and John Salley are just friends.
The list of top paid actresses was released and I'm a little surprised by at least one of them.

Pink looks a little bit like she wants to eat her baby.

Chris Brown may like to sex up the guys. Allegedly.

I hope Jon Hamm is wrong about this Bridesmaids sequel talk.

There's another star dropping by Modern Family.

Stephen King has written a sequel to The Shining.

If you're one of the millions who has not seen Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show, you missed this:

Ugh. This unfunny guy is getting a show on NBC. Can't wait to not watch that.

Megan Fox is having tattoo regret.

Here's how Heather Locklear celebrated her 50th (!) birthday.

Alyssa Milano's baby boy is super cute.

I guess Rev Run approves of this.

Oh, little girls are so lucky!
Tori Spelling should not leave home without at least some mascara.

I might have to watch America's Next Top Model.

If this celebrity feud is real, I hope it ends in a dance off!

I love my friends, but I would not do with these two ESPN ladies did.

Andy Rooney is retiring.

I couldn't agree more with this list of annoying "celebrities."

Patti Stanger is looney.

Jennifer Aniston's cleavage is saying, "Brad Pitt can suck it."
Rob Schneider is returning to TV.

Rihanna met a man who said he didn't need to see so much of her.

This funny couple has broken up.

Starting a petition to get Hugh Jackman to not wear a shirt. Ever.

Let's send Demi Moore a sandwich. Could her super-skinny size be caused by these rumors? And her Tweets aren't exactly quashing gossip. So, let Ashton Kutcher Tweet about it.
I'm pretty sure of all the contestants on DWTS, Nancy Grace's wardrobe malfunction is not the one guys were hoping to see. But she says everyone was mistaken.

Casting for this Diablo Cody movie is interesting.

An actor whose work I've never seen says he's gay.

A couple of young singers are dating.

Southwest Airlines kicked an actress off a flight because she kissed her girlfriend. Look, you're charging $99 for a one-way flight to fill the plane. Just give people their pretzels and be thankful you don't see a bunch of empty seats, ingrates!

Justin Timberlake is doing another movie. How many times do I have to say it: more music, less movies!

OMG, y'all! Carrie Underwood has bangs!
I'm always surprised by the random pairings of actors/actresses and musical guests on SNL. It almost seems like they're drawn from a hat.

Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah are in a movie together.

Well, thanks to Kim Kardashian, burglars now know when to steal her massive engagement ring.

I hope this Martha Stewart look doesn't catch on.
Just because it's fall, that doesn't mean stars like Ashlee Simpson are giving up bikinis. These ladies are in bikinis, too.

What's that? You wanted to hear Betty White rap? Here you go. Just remember - you asked for this.

January Jones is the only parent listed on her son's birth certificate. Also missing: her baby weight.

Lindsay Lohan is just like me: she gets stuff on her clothes (only my "stuff" is usually tomato sauce on a white shirt).

I'm not sold on Anne Hathaway as Catwoman.
An Ugly Betty star has a new baby.

Jennifer Aniston has a lot of cash to spend.

That heavily-inked couple has split. Again.

This is how kids with too much money date.

Jennifer Lopez is really putting herself out there, fellas. And even though she lost a husband, she just bought a house with enough room for a few more men.
Reality TV show I won't watch: Extreme Musical Chairs. Really.

However, I would have totally watched a Reege reality show.

Hugh Hefner, stop this. Unlike a fine wine, you just get creepier with each passing year.

L'Oreal changed the lovely Frieda Pinto.

Lady Gaga does have some fashion boundaries.

Molly Sims is married.
Rest in peace, Sylvia Robinson.

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