Friday, September 16, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

Victoria Beckham's little girl already looks stylish.
Be careful when searching for these celebrities online.

Whatever hope I had for the Charlie's Angels reboot is lost now.

Oh, good. Another TV crime show.

My favorite werewolf is single again.

Looks like I'll have to get my Gwen Stefani in L'oreal ads since No Doubt's new music won't be out this year.

I have such high hope for Dakota Fanning, so pictures like this of her not being a stumbling drunk kid make me happy.
I feel sorry for Redmond O'Neal.

It looks like Paula Abdul is bringing back her, um, fun self for her new TV gig.

Some of those Real Housewives of New York are not returning to the show.

Meanwhile, a Real Housewife has sold her house.

January Jones has a baby boy.

Yawning babies are cute - even if they don't belong to stars.
This Nicholas Cage story is creepy.

I'm gonna disagree with Brad Pitt: he and Angelina Jolie should NOT do more movies together.

Jump to conclusion: Sofia Vergara was looking at prenatal vitamins.

Does someone think a divorced couple should still be talking?

Henry Winkler is a good guy.

Jennifer Aniston's man may have shaved his beard for her. Sounds like love - or something.

Halle Berry is still rocking a bikini.
Alicia Keys' husband may be having an affair.

I am still not on board with Bridget Jones 3.

So, it's OK to mock the Kardashians.

Jewel is showing off her baby.

Charlie Sheen wants you to know he's off the drugs - for now.

So, Miley Cyrus won't be an aunt after all.

This super-fit couple may have split.

There are nudey pics of Scarlett Johansson on the internets. Like these.

Paul McCartney may be getting married this weekend.

Will all the young girls start dressing in their great grandma's gowns now?
Hugh Grant has a job.

A bunch of celebrities are in the new Guinness Book of World Records.

Maybe I should see Indiana Jones before the fifth one comes out?

I really want to go to Bill Clinton's birthday party.

Maria Shriver might be going back to work.

That whole Reese Witherspoon hit by a car thing was actually pretty serious.

I didn't realize that J. Edgar Hoover movie was so, um, detailed.

Maybe Lady Gaga has taken those crazy shoes too far.
Well, at least Rihanna is getting paid to be nearly naked.

These two are now fiction writers. I feel like such a failure.

Mary Tyler Moore should maybe stay out of the plastic surgeon's office.

Stop the remakes! I cannot handle a new Point Break!

ATTENTION LEANN RIMES: This is not healthy.

Christina Hendricks is giving my chest sympathy pains. Also, I've never thought the whole "butt on chest" was a good look for anyone.
AWW!!! HELL TO THE NO!!! Whitney is coming back to the big screen!?!?

Sarah Silverman is doing full-frontal for a new movie.

I don't know if I buy this short story about possible changes at GMA.

Tom Hardy very bluntly addresses those gay rumors.

I'm pretty sure I told you this movie was a dud.

I'm on the fence about Top Gun in 3-D.

Lisa Bonet's man is super hot.
Not shocked reality TV didn't completely heal The O'Neals. They still have problems.

This TV show could be a good one.

Sounds like things might be getting very REAL for one of those Real Housewives.

Kat Von D might be losing her hair.

Mary McCormack has a new baby.

George Clooney is showing off his latest girlfriend.


I thought ladies were the ones who married someone taller so they could reach things. Seth Green taught me something new!
Sandra Bullock says don't believe those rumors about her and Ryan Reynolds.

I suppose it's pointless to tell young celebs they shouldn't get covered in tattoos. And I hope this isn't permanent. And this one will be totally regretted in 40 years.

An actress and a TV carpenter are married.

What is the deal with celebrities and house fires?

Cyndi Lauper made two mistakes at the US Open: one the dress, the other - well, you'll just have to listen.

I'm actually surprised to learn Madonna can cook.

Does Drew Barrymore have a new guy?

Carrey is not right.

Demi Moore wants attention.

Jenny McCarthy looks different.
I'm pretty sure I won't see Charlie Sheen's new movie.

Maybe Matt Damon will be Jason Bourne one more time.

Amy Sedaris is funny.

Rest in peace, Andy Whitfield.

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