Friday, September 2, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

I seriously hope black eyes are not the "new thing" for Fall.
A crime show actor allegedly got violent with a neighbor.

This made me a little less interested in Alexander Skarsgard's new movie.

I can't be a bit smart alecky, but even I wouldn't do this.

A couple of famous ladies allegedly compared notes on their famous ex.

Until I see a promo, consider me on the fence about this new AMC series.

Kate Winslet still looks great.
Mel B has a baby girl.

For reality show stylist trash talk, click here.

I don't know how we would have made it without a Justin Bieber holiday album, but we'll never know now.

Kim Kardashian's new husband met her first husband. AWK-WARD.

Tom Jones is out of the hospital.

Oscar De La Hoya has finally come clean.

It looks like Shia LaBeouf is wearing one of his mom's holiday sweaters.
I don't know that I believe this latest chick fight rumor.

If you can't get work, you could be like Lindsay Lohan and get another tattoo.

Justin Timberlake's surprise concert gives me hope that he'll make another album some day.

Venus Williams is so sick that she can't play tennis. Sad.

Now, Marc Anthony is talking about his split with Jennifer Lopez.

Slash and his wife renewed their vows.

Hackers got Julianne Hough's cell phone pics.

Christina Ricci is super cute. Why did this magazine do this?
I'm really not that interested in this new slice of American Pie.

I'm also opposed to the Dirty Dancing remake.

A couple of skinny girls got into a Twitter feud.

Mel Gibson's custody mess has been settled.

A rapper is out of prison.

Alyssa Milano has a new baby boy.

Kate Hudson is already back in a bikini.

Marilyn Manson never has to try hard to make me think he's odd. Latest example: his, um, stiff date with her not-at-all private privates.
Robert Downey, Jr., is going to be a new dad.

A few ladies you know talk about relationships.

The Hoff is out of work.

Madonna gets older, her boy toys stay the same age. However, her face is I don't know what age.
Those Olsen twins did some good deeds.

This blurry picture of Henry Cavill as Superman makes me wonder how much is Henry and how much is Superman?
Justin Bieber crashed his Ferrari. Ugh. Typing that made me feel a little sick.

I didn't think it was funny when Tracy Morgan said this, so I wouldn't find it funny if Tracy Jordan said it on 30 Rock.

Fleetwood Mac is getting back together.

Darrell Hammond was seriously hurt in a car crash.

Daryl Hannah is now known for protesting not acting.

I'm really disappointed that I didn't get to spend my summer vacation with George Clooney.

Even dudes can't help but check out David Beckham!
I hope these two are back together.

MTV might as well call itself "Bieber TV" with a side of douchebags.

The official DWTS cast was announced. Can we find some way to make it so that when Nancy Grace is booted, she has to leave the country or stay off of TV?

What troubled economy? Snooki's ghostwriter is working on a second book!

This rocker lost his home to Hurricane Irene.

Matthew Fox might have a problem.

Adam Levine says what the rest of us think about MTV.

In case you intentionally didn't watch the VMAs (like me), here are some highlights. Here are the winners. Here's what the stars wore. Lady Gaga totally got into one of her characters. My favorite VMA news: Beyonce is pregnant!
Sofia Coppola is married.

Mariah Carey's workout partners are cute.

Brad Pitt's a hero.

A Victoria's Secret model is sharing some very important information.

Victoria Beckham was forced to give up her signature heels.

Ghostbusters 3 is apparently coming.

This probably made a bunch of teenage girls scream.

Jennifer Aniston is living with her new boyfriend.

Jessica Alba looks pretty good for just having a baby.

Sinead O'Connor still says strange things.

Sarah Jessica Parker is usually stylish, but I'd say these arms are a don't. This is also a don't.
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