Friday, September 23, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

Can you spot the real Fergie?
Kim Delaney might have a problem.

America, Brad Pitt and Jenifer Aniston are long past over. So let's stop this, OK?

Paul McCartney's lady is a fashion risk taker.

This ad makes me giggle.

Kate Winslet may have a new boyfriend.

Rihanna is a fan of a word I never use.

Funny lady Wanda Sykes had serious surgery.

Another remake I can't support: Scarface.

So, being Mrs. Tom Cruise only gets you mediocre roles?

Don't mess with Hugh Jackman.

If you missed the first season of Roseanne's Nuts, you'll be happy to know there won't be another season to miss.

Lindsay Lohan isn't doing a good job completing her court-ordered community service.

Dakota Fanning is not like all the other college kids.

Pregnant Beyonce seems to have forgotten her pants.
When pseudo-celebrities start announcing they're freezing their eggs, I'm a little concerned about the future.

John Legend is getting in the TV business.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is "writing" a memoir.

This is a show I will not watch.

I'd totally watch "Dancing With The Clintons."

I love Steve Martin's advice to Oscar host Eddie Murphy.

Halle Berry broke her foot.

Take this as a sign REAL celebrities are tiring of reality shows.

If this story is true, it totally confirms everything I think about Ashton Kutcher.

How do we stop Gwyneth Paltrow from doing this?

An actress is getting divorced.

Jessica Biel nearly lost her fake baby bump.
This is a strange new (maybe) couple.

Conan O'Brien couldn't tell you the color of this former Pussycat Doll's eyes.

This Maggie Gyllenhaal story is gross.

Kirstie Alley says she has lost 100 pounds.

Melissa McCarthy is on a roll.

Paris Hilton is no longer on probation.

A magician is engaged.

Tom Sizemore is in trouble again.

50 Cent should probably screen employees a little better.

Here's why you should definitely not feel sorry for Charlie Sheen.

The Price Is Right is doing something fun next year.

Hey, Chaz Bono! Stop this.
Someone stole John Travolta's car.

We're apparently very lucky to have Bethenny Frankel.

Each week, it becomes a little more obvious that the old Lindsay Lohan is never coming back.

If the Entourage movie is anything like the season finale, I'll pass.

Aaron Sorkin's broken nose story is kind of strange.

Tracy Morgan is engaged.

ICYMI: Here's my Emmy Awards recap. And here's what some of the stars wore to the show. If you only want to see the worst dressed stars, go here.

MTV continues to drift further away from its music television days.

I don't know that we need another Friends-like show - even if it's by a former Friend.

Sinead O'Connor talked suicide on Twitter.

A couple of actors on shows I don't watch are now married.

Rihanna is still doing this.
I'm a little more interested in Dorothy From Oz.

John Mayer's album won't be out until next year because he has some sort of medical issue.

Christina Hendricks wants to be Wonder Woman.

Marc Anthony cried on stage (presumably so ladies would swoon?).

Not sure who's impacted more by this: Rosie O'Donnell has banned Piers Morgan from her new talk show.

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are kind of creepy.

Jessica Simpson's wedding is "on hold." Sounds more like someone's holding out for a TV special.

Tara Reid found a plastic surgeon who could make her stomach look normal again.

I don't know if Snoop Dogg is still making music, but he is doing more acting these days.

Matthew Fox is being sued for (allegedly) getting punchy.

Rest in peace, Dolores Hope.
And Frances Bay.

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