Saturday, October 1, 2011

Now, It's Getting Good!

It's October! While I'm super excited about candy corn and other Halloween-time treats, I'm even more excited about this month's new releases - well, some of them. You see, the closer we get to December, the better the movies. They want to be awards show contenders. Here are the movies I can't wait to see:

The Ides of March

Look, this movie had me at Clooney and Gosling. Throw in a little politics and I'm SO in! Plus, this movie smells of Oscar - can't miss!

Margin Call

So, Wall Street movies are the new war films? I have seen at least two of them and liked them, so I'm curious about this one. Plus, it has two of my favorite baldies: Stanley Tucci and Kevin Spacey. I have a couple of free movie passes, so I'll likely use one on this (or matinee it).

Red State

This movie looks just creepy enough to be kinda good. Also worth the gamble: Melissa Leo and John Goodman. Haven't seen them share space since Treme. And I miss that.

In Time

I have come to terms (kind of) with the fact that Justin Timberlake wants to be a movie star and can't just settle for knocking it out of the park on SNL and making fun music. However, I am not watching him on the big screen. I'll see this when it comes to my house in a little envelope.

Here are the movies I won't see:
  • Real Steel - While I love seeing a shirtless Hugh Jackman, I just can't do these smash 'em up movies. Hurts my head. Literally. They're loud! Yes, I am old.
  • The Thing - I'm already afraid of science, so I don't need to see (a) a remake of a movie that creeped me out or (b) a movie that makes me not ever want to do my own experiments because if the experts can't get this to work, how could I?
  • Footloose - No. No. No. No. No. Not even if Kevin Bacon makes a video just for me, telling me it's OK to see this remake would I dare to see this. I'm also not on board with the soundtrack - old songs, new voices? Nope. Just feels wrong.
  • The Big Year - I love Steve Martin. But a movie with Owen Wilson and Jack Black - two actors who play the same character over and over (yes, I count Kung Fu Panda)? Almost unforgivable.
  • Trespass - OH. Nicole Kidman and Nic Cage. Can we just call this "the movie where the stars make one face and it sticks?"
  • Paranormal Activity 3 - They made a third movie? Saw the first. Creeped out. Refused to see the second. Makes no sense to see the third.
  • The Rum Diary - Oh, Johnny Depp. Stop doing this to me!
  • Anonymous - Ugh. I seriously hate this period.
  • Johnny English Reborn - How is this even getting screens in theaters?
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