Sunday, October 30, 2011

We All Turn Into Our Mothers

It's true.

I have joked with my mother (calling her "Grandma" to get her riled up), but I never thought it would actually happen. Then, this weekend, I received the proof.

If you're new to my blog, here's a refresher: my Grandma sends cards for practically every occasion (see these previous posts). Now that you're caught up, here's the update.
That's the card from Grandma. She jumps right into the conversation with the "How many miles do you have on your car now?" (We both bought new cars within a few weeks of each other) And there's the update, "We keep busy going to exercise and then a nice winter nap." Oh, how I can't wait to be a senior citizen when a midday nap is not only appropriate, it's expected. Then, the Halloween update, "We don't have any treaters so we go to Mark's." Still, it's nice to know Grandma took time out of her exercising, napping and alleged pile sorting to get a card in the mail.

At the same time, my mother apparently had the same idea.
Mom's not wordy. And M.I.A. is her cat (pretty sure the cat did not actually sign it because a. she probably cannot hold a pen and b. she hides from me when I come to visit). But that's not the only similarity between the two generations.
Mom filled up the card with coupons!

Grandma's card was empty (though it usually comes with a random newspaper clipping). But the coupons? They're the same ones I get at the checkout/in the newspaper and throw out because my picky pets don't eat that food. Also, I hardly think it's a deal to get $1 off six Benefuls. That's as annoying as a 50 cent coupon for Tide.

I am sure that if my mom reads this she will send a few expletives my way and deny that she's becoming her mother. There's also a chance that the next time I see her, she will punch me in the arm when I least expect it and say, "You know why I did that!"

Since I only have furkids, it's a little hard to imagine me doing this to them. I suppose it's possible. I could get them cards and put them on my lap, open them and read to them.

God. If that's what my life becomes, someone please take me out to the country and leave me for dead. I can't become that lady. I think I'd rather become my mom. Or my grandma - only unlike her, I'll skip trips to the Dollar Store for an extra long nap. Because I can.
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