Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I See Your Car's Booty

It's not always the backside of the car that screams for attention. Sometimes, it's the front. Headlights is not the right word. Carboobs? I don't know. Anyway, these were recent finds (mostly by Adam, who is not at all afraid of being pulled over and accused of texting while driving).
I think this is the anti-vampire car. Or it belongs to a chef who attended the University of Texas. Or, maybe the car just stinks? I don't know. Strange.
Yes, we get it. You're driving a beast of a gas guzzler. Putting "BIGGA" on your license plate doesn't make you more threatening. It makes you douchier. So, yay, you!
This might be the first in my collection that actually has purpose. The plate says, "THE MINT." The car looks like a peppermint candy. And it says it's for "Candy 95.1." I guess that's a radio station - I don't know. I get annoyed with radio because they have a habit of playing a song to death. At least this one is a working plate - not someone's personal ride. Unless they won it, in which case they should consider a new paint job and head to the state licensing office to get a new plate.
I don't know what's "KNOTTY" in Kansas. I just Googled it - could be a rug company or a magic show. Lexus doesn't exactly scream "working vehicle" to me, so I'm gonna say the driver really wanted it to be "NAUGHTY" but either that's too long or Kansas is too conservative to allow that.
If this wasn't a Texas license plate, I would have totally run into it to see if Scott Caan was inside (Hawaii 5-O, yo!). Sadly, this was not a Hawaiian license plate (though I did spot one of those recently and wondered how it crossed the ocean). After looking at this for a minute, I'm thinking maybe "ALOHA V" is translated to "high five." If that's what this driver had in mind, I give you a loose high five, not one of those hard-hitting ones, because this is kind of lame.
Hmm. "4R LIFE" over the Longhorns logo. Is this person pledging eternal fandom to UT? And if so, is he stuck with this plate forever? I mean, I guess that's one way to point out that you're not a bandwagon fan.
I spotted this poopmobile recently. If you're going to make a living picking up poop from people's yards, that takes true commitment - like wrapping your truck with a slogan like "Your dog's biscuits are our bread and butter" (gross you very much). But the license plate, now that seals the deal. "POOO2." Are there a whole fleet of poopmobiles out there - or did a jokester take the original "POOO?" So many questions, so afraid to get close to the person driving this.

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