Monday, October 3, 2011

This Is Freaking Me Out!

So, I'm flipping through the current issue of People magazine and this full page of photos stops me dead in my tracks.
I've seen some of these photos online over the last couple of weeks. But this time, I took a REALLY good look at these photos.
The nose is a little different and the Civil War version of Christian Bale has wider eyes, but the beard is nearly right on!
How did they get the Civil War version to look to the right just like Matthew McConaughey? Similar mouth and dimples, but the old version has ears that stick out a little more. 
Now, I don't see it very much here. This just looks more like a random white guy - which I guess is what Jerry O'Connell kind of is.
I don't see it here - except in the nose and mouth. The eyes are different - even the eyebrows and ears don't match Joshua Jackson.
This one does look a little like Tom Cruise. The eyes and nose are pretty close. Like Cruise, this soldier seems to have a super young face - ageless. So, I suppose it's possible Scientology was alive and kicking back in the old days?
If Jude Law was on the verge of tears, I'd say this is what he looks like. This wide-eyed kid could be Jude in a different time. I wonder if the Civil War version liked nannies, too?
MMM. Don't see it much here. The Civil War guy looks more like some other generic actor. However, seeing Jeremy Renner in movies, I have no doubt that if he fought in the Civil War, he would have crushed the enemy.
I don't know that this soldier looks much like Antonio Banderas, but I do know he has Antonio's sexy smolder down (or is it the other way around?).

Are these photos just a coincidence or is this proof that these actors are like vampires - adapting to modern times and realizing their handsome faces can make them lots of money in movies? The practical part of me believes the first part of that statement, the whimsical part of me is screaming "VAMPIRE!" But if that practical part of me is correct, I have to say there were some awfully handsome soldiers back then. So handsome, that I might change my time travel destination to Civil War times instead of 1960s London. Maybe.
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