Friday, October 21, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

A little wind makes Al Pacino look a little crazy.
I'll probably watch this movie.

Seriously, someone needs to get Christina Aguilera some pants.

Joey Lawrence would like you to look at him.

I'm pretty sure the memoir Lindsay Lohan's mom is writing won't be 100% truthful.

If Jessica Simpson is pregnant, she apparently won't say unless someone pays her.

Sarah Jessica Parker's twins are super cute!

An actress had skin cancer.

It's news to John Travolta that you don't book tables at KFC.

Werewolves are hotter than vampires.
Ricky Gervais made some not-nice comments on Twitter.

Scarlett Johansson may have a new man.

If you give me a few million to buy Dennis Quaid's ranch, I'll share it with you.

I think a Top Gun sequel is about 20 years too late.

I love Daniel Craig, but I could support Hugh Jackman as Bond.

Lindsay Lohan is still not getting it (and by "it," I mean how to be a responsible adult).

Katie Holmes is talking about how hard it is being her. Excuse me while I get a tissue.

I'm glad Patrick Swayze's widow is happy about his wax figure.
Danny Masterson and Bijou Phillips are married.

Mariska Hargitay has a new baby.

I'm with President Obama: no one should be watching The Kardashians.

Taylor Swift wants to do more acting.

Sorry, action fans. Mickey Rourke won't be in Expendables 2.

This lawsuit doesn't make me think Kabbalah is legit.

When I see clips like this, I think Kristen Wiig's impression is right on.

Jenny McCarthy is writing another book.

Selena Gomez has a creepy stalker who sounds like he's suffering from more than Bieber fever.

Jennifer Aniston is going to regret going braless because gravity doesn't need much time to take over.
Soulja Boy should maybe change his name to Inmate.

I hope no one I know is wasting money on this Kate Moss yoga statue.

I swear I did not put someone up to punching Shia La Beouf in the face.

Ladies, if this is happening to Serena Williams, you might want to reconsider hair extensions.

Susan Sarandon called the Pope a Nazi.

Britney Spears put her man in her new video.

I'm pretty sure Usher didn't plan to have a wardrobe malfunction in front of Bill Clinton.

Speaking of BC...

Wow. Celebrities really need a lesson in how not to be hacked.

No, Robert Downey, Jr., I will not forgive Mel Gibson.

I hope ABC didn't pay for this.

Giuliana Rancic has breast cancer.

If these two got together, it seems like they'd be sweaty.

An actress married her Idol.

If you can handle Sofia Vergara in a bikini, click here.

I'm on Beyonce bump watch.
I so want these two not to be a couple.

Tone Loc collapsed on stage.

Catherine Bell is getting divorced.

Zachary Quinto wasn't a very good secret keeper.

Sorry, Angels.

Jean-Claude Van Damme apparently thinks he's an action hero in real life.

Larry Hagman is fighting cancer.

This seems kind of tame for Nicki Minaj.
We have a Bee Gee down!

I don't know which one of you said, "We need more Fred Durst," but this is all your fault.

A one-time TV bad girl is now married.

Rest in peace, Dan Wheldon.

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