Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ten Things About Marlee Matlin

You know, there are a lot of REALLY negative people on the Internet. A LOT. Finding a little bit of positive helps restore my faith in humanity. I stumbled across actress Marlee Matlin's Twitter feed and decided she is all the warm fuzziness I need.
She has a smile that says, "Nothing is going to drag me down!" Plus, I still remember how well she performed on Dancing With The Stars (while not being able to fully hear the music she was stepping to).

I hope these ten tweets from Ms. Matlin give you the same glimmer of positive hope they've given me. And, in case you don't look at the fine print, these are all really recent.

Here goes:
If this doesn't make you smile, well, I don't know what will. I hate that so many families have been broken up by war. So many kids have grown up without parents. So many of them have lost parents. Just knowing that these families will be together soon makes me happy!
This is something I really don't get about online trolls. What is the point of following someone or a group you don't like if it makes you write nasty and mean things to them? Is it really worth the rise in your blood pressure to say something hurtful? I really wish people would stop and think what their mothers or their bosses would think if they knew they were writing these things. Also, if you wouldn't say it to some one's face, you shouldn't write it. I sometimes find myself writing mean replies to jerks, but I delete it, then block the sender (when possible). You don't have to like me and you don't have to follow me. So, don't.
This reminds me of those church people who shall remain nameless so as not to draw a whole lot of attention to them. You know the ones - they protest soldier funerals. They have signs with hateful words on them (yes, I know that's protected by the First Amendment - doesn't make it right). Here's the thing: I refuse to believe that God is proud of that. I love people who are different. Different shakes you out of a rut. Different makes you think. Different makes you appreciate. Embrace that, people!
If politicians want to know how to lose my vote, it's by allowing people to cheer sick people without insurance and boo a gay soldier. If you're President, you speak for those people. And, BTW, those people VOTE! If you can't do that before Election Day, don't count on my support. Shameful.
Dudes, don't. Ever.
Because so many of those things are connected. And because the poor cannot afford to donate thousands of dollars to get a candidate/elected official's attention. They deserve to be heard and helped.
What's better than knowing a celebrity eats cake? The recipe for said cake! Now, will one of you make that for me?
This reminds me of one birthday my brother and I had together. We had one cake. Little known fact about me: I like cake. I kind of like to share it. But it's better - when you have more than one celebrant - to have more than one cake. ALWAYS. Because slices of different cakes are always a good time!
Food on a stick! How can that NOT make you happy? I'm kind of glad I can't smell this picture (not that I tried) because it would make me hungry. Also, I need sticks to skewer meat and veggies for my own grill. Why haven't I done this?
This is a great way to end this. News is tough. I see more of it than you non-news people. It is sad. It is tragic. No matter what I see each day, I try to find something that makes me happy so I can take that deep breath and call it a day.

Thank you, Ms. Matlin, for making me smile!

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