Friday, October 14, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

This is the latest celebrity/designer.
Here's Tina Fey out with her new baby.

Times are tough for Kate Gosselin.

Ne-Yo has a new baby.

I wish I had a few million to buy the Jolie-Pitt's home.

The latest Lindsasy Lohan controversy: her not-so-pearly whites.

Here's a sign that Charlie's Angels reboot isn't doing well.

Ryan O'Neal has taken on the University of Texas.

Hillary Swank is in AMAZING shape!

Even all covered up, Lady Gaga still gets a lot of attention.
Marion Cotilliard went topless.

I don't care how famous you are, Whitney Houston, you can buckle your own seatbelt.

This Hugh Jackman story is gross.

Chris Tucker probably needs to make another Rush Hour movie.

Richard Gere doesn't need movies to make money.

Celebrities should really pay attention to hosts before accepting invitations.

Some of the most likable stars are doing a nice thing.

Here's how Rashida Jones posed for Playboy - respectable, ladies!
I'm glad the guy who allegedly hacked Scarlett Johansson's phone has been arrested. I'd be happier if everyone - ordinary people included - stopped taking nudey pics on their cell phones.

It sounds like Donald Trump's next Celebrity Apprentice may be a musical.

First and possibly last time I ever say this: I want to be Yanni.

Paul Simon is going on tour.

Salma Hayek is still swearing off plastic surgery - for now.

That Liberace movie is going to be on HBO.

This is not a great look for Kate Hudson.

January Jones took her baby out. In public, I mean - not, like, "out of her body" because that's obviously already happened. I might have had too much caffeine while working on this.
I like the new Bond villian.

Coming soon: Ozzy Osbourne - The Grandpa.

Clint Eastwood and Sandra Bullock in a movie together? Why not!

I'm not sure about this remake of Steel Magnolias.

Kelsey Grammer is a grandpa.

Tori Spelling has a new baby girl.

A Jackass has a new baby girl.

I'm not sure this is going to get Mischa Barton the kind of work she probably thinks she deserves.

All those months of tabloids and bloggers falsely speculating about Beyonce's pregnancy and now that she's pregnant, they want to say she's not? Jerks.

It's good to know all of Rihanna's nearly naked time wasn't for nothing.
Bethenny Frankel is being accused of making up her "lost at sea" story.

Remember when Melanie Griffith was an actress? She found work on TV.

Christina Aguilera is still in the skank zone.

Amy Winehouse's father is writing a book about her.

Ladies, Jonah Hill is single.

Tilda Swinton made a scary confession.

Chris Brown is still creepy.

This is what Orlando Bloom comes home to. Here's her other side.
A real SWAT team raided Brad Pitt's movie set.

Sandra Bullock's boy is still super cute.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are trying to work things out in the woods. But things like this probably won't help them. This is also not a good sign.

You asked for it, so it's your fault, America: Roseanne is getting a sitcom.

Serena Williams has a new boyfriend.

David Boreanaz sounds like a jerk.

Ali Landry has a new baby boy.

If Jessica Simpson is not pregnant, she should stop dressing like this and definitely not touch her stomach.
Did this musician predict his own death?

I'm a little more interested in Kirstie Alley's return to TV.

Paul Sorvino was hit by a car.

A country singer's new son has a name that sounds like it was plucked from a country song.

Paul McCartney believes in silly love songs and getting married.
It's refreshing to hear an actress admit to liking Botox.

The Simpsons will be around for two more seasons.

Kirsten Dunst now belongs to Germany.

Denzel Washington is charitable.

Kristin Davis is a new mom.

Another example of Hollywood's unoriginality: a Perry Mason movie is in the works.

I would give John Mayer the dating advice he doesn't want to hear, but it'll cost him.

A Baywatch actor has a new baby.
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