Friday, October 7, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

I'm not surprised Madonna looks more like a real person without airbrushing.
Why would anyone - including Sharon Stone - leave the house without a bra?

Billy Bob Thornton's daughter is going to prison for a LONG time.

I think George Clooney's ex has found her DWTS consolation prize.

Want to know who intimidates The President? Check this out.

Julia Roberts needs to work on her "evil" face. Still looks nice here.
Gwyneth Paltrow is classy.

This new show had better be a hit!

Another Friday Night Lights movie?

Britney Spears kind of looks age appropriate.

The F.B.I. thinks we'll all take a Hollywood movie as fact even though it's not being sold that way.

Jennifer Garner appears to like being caught in the rain. Wonder if she likes pina coladas, too?
Sharon Osbourne is less chesty.

I wonder if this Rod Stewart memoir will finally settle those rumors about him.

Jennifer Aniston is a chair thrower.

Beyonce is a good face actor.
I really wish magazines/blogs would stop saying every starlet wants to be married and having babies. Even if it's true in Drew Barrymore's case, it's just mean to put it out there so that if it doesn't happen, she becomes the New Sad Girl (sorry, Aniston).

I'm curious about this new Kiefer Sutherland TV series.

Michelle Pfeiffer isn't ruling out plastic surgery.

Look who's making Chico's cute!
If David Cassidy is telling the truth, Sony's a huge jerk.

Another sign NBC is desperate for shows to work: they're giving Snoop Dogg's show a shot.

There's a rumor Eddie Murphy may host SNL.

Courtney Love talking about Kurt Cobain hurts my head.

Michael C. Hall wants more money to play Dexter.

Really, Lifetime? A biopic on Lady Gaga?

A bunch of athletes posed naked for ESPN's magazine.

Could Kristen Wiig leave SNL?

Simon Cowell has a ton of money, but he insists on spending it on shirts and sweaters that are so thin we must see his chesticles.
I'm sad that Adele's voice isn't ready to rock.

If you're hoping to land Idris Elba, you should like lotion.

That daytime talk show gig apparently pays Ellen really well.

Beyonce and her baby bump were out this week.

Because Disney doesn't have enough money, it's now re-releasing more movies in 3D.

Justin Bieber doesn't do cheap dates.

The Playboy Club is the first show cut this season. But I am surprised that Whitney has been picked up. Have you seen it? All the ladies sound like trannies. NBC also cut this show.

Suri Cruise is still super cute.
If this is true, Ashton Kutcher is even douchier than I thought.

Diddy had some apologizing to do.

James Franco lost his father.

Johnny Depp is a insensitive.

Tone Loc isn't headed to prison.

There's a whole lot of real life drama happening with those Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Bethenny Frankel has hired someone to teach her to be nice.

Leonardo DiCaprio is single again.

Kim Kardashian REALLY wants you to look at her.
What would Sundays be without The Simpsons? We may find out.

Pink is acting now.

Jessica Simpson's wardrobe is fueling pregnancy rumors.

I could respect Sheri Shepherd a little more if she could explain her opposition to something in a smart way - you know, with words.

ZOMG! Jen Aniston is wearing a ring, so speculate on that!

Steve Carell's next movie role sounds interesting and very un-Michael Scott like.

Siegfried and Roy seem to REALLY like tigers.

Dear Hank Williams, Jr., et al: Please stop comparing people to Hitler unless they ARE Hitler.

Here's Kristen Stewart not looking pouty.
So, that guy from Hung has hooker experience.

How have I not heard of the Headwear Hall of Fame before?

Kanye West showed off his fashions.

A Tupac sex tape is apparently out there.

Jenna Fischer has a new baby boy.

How I know Madonna is officially old: she's performing at the Superbowl.

Ben Affleck's daughter is cute. His hair, not so much.
This is not a good sign for Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show.

Seth Rogen is married.

This is the last time I mention this couple. They make me feel gross.

That guy who played Hercules had some serious health problems.

Canada doesn't like Russell Brand. Oh, wait. He was making a funny.

Gene Simmons is married.

Elizabeth Hurley is engaged.

Apparently, Jason Biggs (and his wife) likes more than apple pie.

Is Elton John trying out his Sue Sylvester Halloween costume?
Jeff Conaway's cause of death was accidental.

Hugh Jackman wants a role on Glee.

NBC is standing by the fall lineup - for now.

A celebrity couple called it quits.

Christoph Waltz suffered a pretty serious injury.

Steve Martin's band won an award.

This seriously made me giggle.

As much as I love Daniel Craig as James Bond, I could totally get on board with this guy being the new Bond.

I might watch an Elton John biopic.

One SNL funny guy is engaged.

Ozzy Osbourne's son is engaged.

Rest in peace, "King of Infomercials."
And Steve Jobs.

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