Wednesday, April 18, 2012

This Is Too Easy

If you look in the upper right hand corner of this blog, you'll see that I have spied a few too many personalized license plates. Sometimes I have help. This one was snapped by my eagle-eyed friend (and frequent contributor) Adam.
This is the perfect time for me to explain that if you have this license plate, you cannot EVER be angry when people judge you or call you crazy. YOU put this out there! I hope you have a matching tattoo on your forehead so that when you're not driving we all know you're around.

I spotted this one:
That's right. The license plate on that BMW says "MOOCH." I'm guessing this driver's friends probably know all about his/her cheap ways whenever they go out for a meal or drinks.

I also found one that is actually quite helpful:
That pink license plate says "CHK EM." As in, "Hey, ladies! Do your monthly breast exam!" It's possible I saw that instant reminder and did a quick exam while I waited for the light to turn green.

It's not just license plates that have gotten my attention lately. Rear window advertising is pretty hard to miss.
Not that I'm in the market for a tattoo, but if I was... No. That will never happen. But why would ANYONE get a tattoo from a place that has the words "DOO DOO" in the name? Doesn't that let you know that you're not getting quality ink? If these people actually are the best tattoo artists on the planet, they should really get a new name. This one stinks.

While I totally support freedom of speech, this seems like the most unusual thing to announce - especially on the side window of your SUV.
When I pulled up along that in a parking lot at my local home improvement store, I was so confused. I snapped that before I got out of my car. I thought maybe the driver is talking about the rims (those are sometimes called shoes - I think, I don't know, slang is hard to keep up with these days).
Nope. I'm pretty sure that from the rap music and reality shows I've seen, those are 20 somethings. I'm so confused. If I wasn't trying to get home to do yard work before the sun roasted me or it rains (which did not happen so you meteorologists are jerks for telling me rain was coming), I would have stuck around to see who drove that. Or not. I really don't like confronting strangers without provocation (even though I think that sticker would give me fair grounds to ask a question or two). I fear being shot by strangers, but not so much that I won't keep taking pictures and posting them when I see you people. Just try not to zoom past me on the highway. I don't want to die taking a picture.

SIDEBAR: Dear officers who may be reading this... I absolutely do not text and drive. My super smart iPhone is capable of jumping out of the holder in my car and snapping pictures on its own. There's an app for it. Look into it.
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