Friday, April 13, 2012

Week In Pop Culture

Hello, Chris Evans!
Jennifer Aniston is talking about her current man.

Add Lionel Richie to the list of celebrities who owe the IRS.

Mindy McCready had a baby.

Rihanna says she wants her privacy, then she does stuff like this.

Jada Pinkett Smith says her marriage is just fine, thankyouverymuch.

Britney Spears looks REALLY good.
Scarlett Johansson misses Ryan Reynolds.

Lisa Rinna is pimping adult diapers.

Mel Gibson is still crazy.

Here's Colin Farrell out with his daughter.

Ashton Kutcher is keeping his TV gig.

Meow, Anne Hathaway!
General Hospital is staying alive.

This TV series will not make my DVR list.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame wants Guns 'N Roses. Axl Rose says, "Nope."

Marc Anthony filed for divorce from Jennifer Lopez.

If Betty White is not typing her own Tweets, I'm not following her.

Chris Noth is married.

Cyndi Lauper is writing her life story.

Madonna's new album is a record breaker: biggest second week sales drop. So clearly this isn't helping.
Here's Beyonce in a bathing suit.

Ricki Lake is married.

It sounds like Melissa Ethridge's ex is a wee bit needy.

Ashley Judd needs to get over herself.

Melissa Gilbert is the first one this season on Dancing With The Stars to go to the hospital.

This Frasier story is fun!

Hey, Miley Cyrus! How about you don't wear a dress when you ride your bike so you don't have to hold it down to keep your lady bits from showing?
There may have been a love connection on the Glee set.

Zac Efron looks like he might need to see a doctor.

A crazy lady was arrested for stalking Alec Baldwin.

Bethenny Frankel knows who she wants to play her in a movie/TV show.

Britney Spears is still not the boss of herself.

Being Jennifer Lopez's boy toy sounds like fun!

Anne Hathaway has chopped off all her hair! She doesn't seem happy about it.
Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't like reboots of movies he made if he's not in them.

A furniture company is going to learn the hard way not to use Clint Eastwood's name without permission (or payment).

A country singer is engaged.

There are so many things I wonder about this Snoop Dogg book.

Pamela Anderson is going to be on Broadway.

Reese Witherspoon took her bump to the beach.
Hugh Grant might not act anymore.

Heidi Klum and Seal aren't getting back together.

LeAnn Rimes lost her blonde.

There are already plans for an Expendables 3.

Amanda Bynes was arrested.

Rest in peace, Mike Wallace.

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