Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I Have Surprised Myself

Last month, I decided to put my planting skills to the test (see post here). It's only been a few weeks, but I'm going to say I have a green thumb.
With a little love and attention (and fertilizer and water), I have a flower blooming in my little plantscape! I was so inspired by that, I went and bought more succulents to fill up planters I had that were either empty or holding dead plants that I hoped would magically come back to life.
And I was even moved to go one step further:
That is a tomato plant. I'm hoping to have so many tomatoes that I have to give them away. The reality: if I get one tomato from the plant, I'll be happy. I'd just like that one tomato to show up soon. It's so disappointing to check the plant each day and see not one little bitty green tomato. I DON'T HAVE GARDENING PATIENCE!

I will also be happy if I can find a way to keep my nosy cat from doing this every day:
He seems to feel the need to stick his giant head into everything. If curiosity really does kill the cat, this one should have died a LONG time ago.
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