Friday, March 11, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

Guess whose 68-year-old mother wants attention?

Here's the latest speculation on Aretha Franklin's health.

Even celebrities have a tough time with their dogs.

I like those Comedy Central roasts, but this Trump thing seems lame.

Not surprised by this.

Surprised a couple that's been married 24 years is splitting up.

She looks amazing. Just wish I could watch her in a movie.

This couple has split, apparently for real this time.

I don't know how my TV sister's daughter could possibly think her dad is funnier.

This Twitter feud is kinda cute.

Well, this is just not normal.

SO happy Rob Lowe is staying put on one of my favorite shows!

A reboot of a video game-turned movie is not a good idea.

Arrested Development fans should be excited about this.

This lady does not want to be your 60-something sex symbol.


Sometimes real life is a little too much like TV.

Oprah is pressing the restart button on her network.

Fingers crossed that this movie based on a book I loved will be good.

Gwen Stefani says she is not perfect, but I don't believe her.

Gwyneth Paltrow is now officially a singer.

If you were hoping to see Mel Gibson go to jail, you'll have to wait a while.

I'm excited about this - unless it's bad.

When Superbad is super good!

So many "Whys?" and "Huhs?" here. I mean, her Boston accent on 30 Rock made me want to stab myself in the ears! How is she going to do this?

Even if you don't understand Twitter, you might like these celebrity profile pics.

While I hate to see my favorite shows end their seasons, I am excited these are each getting an hour-long send-off!

You probably don't need to drug a drink to get "up close" with one of those Real Housewives.

Kate & Leo's friendship is sweet.

I hope to never be on the receiving end of a Roseanne Barr smackdown.


I don't know what happened to Tom Brady, but I don't like it.

Monopoly movie. Really.

Also: Dynasty movie.

Gwen Stefani works out.

He always said he'd be back.

If you love Iron Man, you'll love this.

Bond news!

Oh, I hope this Beyonce news is true!

Chuck Norris is pointing fingers.

It's possible Nic Cage thinks he's living in a movie.

Emma Watson is taking a break from school.

Add Al Pacino to the list of stars who have people who don't pay their taxes for them.

Iman without makeup.

I didn't need this to remind me that Suri Cruise will not be a normal girl.

After reading this, I can't wait for June to get here!

Ugh. I feel like this guy is truly walking dead and don't need to see him on The Walking Dead.

I really wish this book had not been written. It's not how I want to remember JFK, Jr.

Here's why I won't follow Charlie Sheen on Twitter. Even if he paid me.

This sums up Ke$ha.

I totally respect Michael Bay's honesty.

Now, I'm interested in this movie.

Gisele. Wow.

I never saw the first G.I. Joe movie, so I'm fairly certain I will not see the sequel.

No more music from Phil Collins.

And if this guy isn't going to write more songs, at least he's writing a book.

I'm happy this show has been extended, but I am really hoping this leads to the end.

Trent Reznor is the new Man in Demand.

Did anyone notice Catherine's updo?

If you have a few bucks, you can buy Julianne Moore's NYC pad.

Lifetime: keeping aging stars working.

Jennifer Love Hewitt could use a stylist.

Why did this guy's staff turn down the chance to be on 30 Rock?

Toni Collette is really pregnant!

Not that I was interested in the new Snow White, but this guarantees I won't see it.

Rest in peace, Mike Starr.
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