Friday, March 4, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

OK. Let's get the ridiculous out of the way.
Kim Kardashian apparently thinks this "new look" will get you to forgive her for stabbing you in the ears with this. Apology NOT accepted.

The Bill Cosby app: it's like having your dad in your pocket. Wait. That doesn't sound right.

This is a Charlie Sheen video I can tolerate. Note: not actually Charlie Sheen.

In case you missed that clip of the young Canadian girl singing Gaga, see her perform with Gaga here.

Mike Huckabee is my jerk of the week (no official prize, just my middle finger waved at the screen).

Courtney Love's Twitter rant cost her a whole lot of Kurt Cobain's money.

I love Jonah Hill, so I will totally see this movie.

Here's Britney Spears making sense.

If these Dark Knight spoilers are true, I can't wait to see the movie!

Mike Myers is married.

Have you seen these Annie Leibovitz photos?

Get ready for Wikileaks: The Movie.

Kimora Lee Simmons is talking crazy.

I'm not sure if this is David Letterman being funny - or if he's just desperate.

Paula Abdul had a little scare.

Yes, they're still remaking Superman. And they have cast his mother.

I can't help but feel sorry for Mickey Rooney.

I'm not surprised those alleged White House party crashers are doing another reality show. I'm surprised they're doing this one.

Armani says this is sexy.

What is the person who spent $40,000 on some of Justin Bieber's hair going to do with it?

As desperate as I am for something to watch on Sundays, I'm afraid this is not it.

I can't wait to not watch this show.

I really hope this is not true.

Katie  Holmes is suing Star Magazine for making up a story. Allegedly.

I don't know if these two are a couple, but if they are, it just seems strange.

I think a few things about this photo:

  1. Either she had some enhancement or that bikini top is amazing!
  2. Wow! Her body is awesome!
  3. She is a role model to all the pasty people - just get out there and don't be afraid of people asking how you're staying out in the sunlight without bursting into flames!

Can we not have this sequel?

I hope the kids who were mean to Kate Winslet have learned their lesson.

Serena Williams had a scare.

What happened, Robin Williams?

Melissa Gilbert is getting divorced.

Sometimes, stars do strange things to each other in public.

Guys gone grey.

When I wrote about this guy in December, I had no idea he'd go cuckoo.

If you're really brave, click here to see a topless Tony Bennett.

I cannot support the idea of this sequel.

Aretha Franklin gives an interview but is still not talking about what's made her sick.

I think this is a bad idea.

Betty White isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

This super tight dress made Joan Collins pass out.

SNL sure has rolled out some unusual host choices. But I like this one.

Is there really a demand for more Corey Feldman?

The Dancing With The Stars cast has been named.

The clock is still ticking on that countdown to Christina Aguilera checking into rehab.

This music news excites me!

Matt Damon looks back at the past.

OOPS! Fashion faux pas!

Even if your mom has this body, it's OK to be embarrassed by her. Disagree? Click here to see the back of this outfit.

In case you didn't read this, here's a list of the Oscar winners. Also, I'll acknowledge Corey Haim, since the Academy Awards did not. And I had no idea the actresses are paid to wear that awesome jewelery! One more Oscar note: I don't completely buy this story. But I almost believe this one.

I'm excited to see this lady on 30 Rock.


In a desperate bid to earn more coke money a paycheck, Charlie Sheen is shopping a "tell all" book. I bet he doesn't really tell ALL. And now, I have officially had enough of Charlie Sheen.

I think the Razzies might be my favorite awards ever - because they speak the truth. JUST. LIKE. ME.

Did you catch the Independent Spirit Awards? No? Here are the winners.

Here's David Beckham getting a new tattoo. Click here to get a look at the finished product.

Kelsey Grammer is on to the next wife.

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas got physical over some paparazzo.

Lady Gaga has clarified the inspiration for her new perfume.

Another Bourne movie without Matt Damon is not worth my time. Not even with these guys.

Rest in peace, Jane Russell.
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