Friday, December 17, 2010

On The Sixth Day of Tweepmas...

Twitter gave to me ... an MTV star!
That's Abram Boise. He did Road Rules and has reappeared on the network's Challenge series. You might have seen some of his ragey moments on the show. No? Take a look:

But I have checked him out on Twitter and learned six things from him - not ragey at all!

SOOO true! That's why if I ever have any doubt, I don't do something. That's your instinct telling you "NO!" No doubt? DO IT - just don't call me and ask for bail money.

And that's what artists are made of. Ever read a story about a happy artist? Was he or she any good? Probably not.

I never realized how fun it could be to hit people until I watched wrestling this week. Sure, it's well-choreographed and a bit silly to see grown men in manties rolling around on a mat, but it's probably a fantastic stress release! But I'm with Abram on this one. If, in real life, you walk up and hit me, you better be prepared for a fight. Even if I die, I will be collecting evidence for the police as I go.

Woah. Hold the Twitter. He's written and illustrated a children's book? That takes tremendous patience (and less rage and obscenities). I'm impressed!

 I'm always a little intrigued by tattoos, since they usually tell a story about someone's life. I have not a single speck of ink on me (unless it's an accidental marking by a pen/Sharpie). I can't wait to wind up in the nursing home with all the tatted-up old kids so I can see if they remember what each piece of body art represents!

You know, the English language is tricky. Words can look one way but have a different meaning. It's hard enough for those of us who grew up speaking the language. Can you imagine how crazy English looks to people reading these tweets in other countries?

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