Thursday, December 23, 2010

On The Twelfth Day Of Tweepmas...

Twitter gave to me ... Snooki!
Don't let appearances fool you. From the fake eyelashes to the fake tan, this girl from MTV's Jersey Shore keeps it real on Twitter. I mean, you don't get nearly a million followers if you're not legit - right? Here are twelve things I learned from this girl (also named Nicole, BTW).

From what I have seen on that reality show, this seems to be the usual night out. Not judging. One day, Snooki will be 30 and WHAM! Booze is mean to you.

Awesome. She's a published author. If I never get a book published I will hate myself. And every publisher. But I can't wait to pick this up at the book store and snoop through it before someone sees me!

Is the urge to fight inanimate objects a Nicole thing? Or do you non-Nicoles have these feelings, too?

It's true. Try it.

I'm assuming that she's talking about her hair and that "poof" is not some Jersey slang for lady bits. I'm from Texas. I like the big hair.

I gotta hand it to Snooki. She's a hustler. Not only did she write a book, she's got a slipper line and (according to her Twitter feed) is working on a sunglasses line, too. Good for her! I just hope she doesn't spend all her money on poofs and spray tans. Those things aren't forever.

<3 Shout out to the super adorable Willow Smith! <3

Two things: 1) I get stabby in crowds, so I can relate; 2) where does one get a blowup monkey balloon? That could get me out of trouble. I think.

She's a safety girl.

Not even sure what to say about that.

The more you know...

Yes. Yes, you do, Snooki.

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