Friday, December 3, 2010

Week In Pop Culture

So, this is what 65 is like?

Dexter gets another season to kill.

I guess these two really are a couple.

Anyone else think that Three Stooges movie is destined to be bad?

An Inception video game would definitely give me strange dreams.

Look who Nicole Kidman wants to marry off.

That Muppets movie sounds better each month!

Sarah Jessica Parker says she won't have plastic surgery.

Who knew I had so much in common with Matt Damon?

Grammy (the only music awards show that actually means something) Awards nominees were announced this week.

The Queen of Soul had mystery surgery.

There will be no more Jolie Pitts.

No acting gig on the horizon - time for the pokey!

You can't peddle cheesecakes and work for a weight loss company.

Larry King has a kind of surprising post-CNN plan.

Heather Locklear has been in the hospital.

Did Bristol Palin's mama force her to do Dancing With The Stars?

Britney's first ex-husband is making claims about her that she's denied.

What is Beyonce doing modeling with my fresh-out-of-bed hair?
Entertainment Weekly likes its entertainers screechy.

When will young starlets learn to stop taking naked photos of themselves (allegedly)?

I want to be Ryan Seacrest - only taller.

I could care about Boyz II Men allegedly lip synching if we were in 1992.

Natalie Portman's dedication to Black Swan amazes me.

I'm considering moving to Australia.

Another actress is getting a divorce.

I don't care how many changes they make, I will not watch CBS's Early Show.

This story about Angelina Jolie doesn't surprise me.

I don't know about this.

Some things never change.

A football player is engaged to a model. Prediction: divorce by 2012.

This mishap convinces me: Susan Boyle needs hugs.

Reese Witherspoon can act. I don't know why she has to talk about this stuff.

A super cute talk show host with a not-so-exciting show had emergency surgery.

ZOMG! This could make DWTS so much fun!

Not sure how I feel about this upcoming TV series.

The sequel to the Star Trek movie is on its way.

How did this make a best dressed list?
I spy the next candidate for Dr. Drew's "Celebrity Rehab."

The Kardashians want out of this deal.

Seriously. Stop the Kardashian Train! I WANT TO GET OFF! PS - Don't be dirty.

America has not seen the last of Bristol Palin.

Like tacky costume jewelry? Mariah Carey has something for you!

Moments like this make me wish I could watch "Live With Regis & Kelly."

This is a strange addition to the terror advisory list. Or not.

If the rumors are true, this year's Academy Awards will be different. Wait. They are true.

Wow! Julia Roberts made bank for a shoot in which she didn't say a word.

This super-stylish boy got a mani and a pedi.

I had no idea how crazy people are for James Franco.

A handful of celebrities are going off the grid for a good cause. And it looks like my holiday wish may be granted!

Barbara Walters is proving once again that she's easily fascinated.

Is this why Tom Brady has had that horrible Bieberesque hairstyle?

I hope this is a sign Michael Douglas is really getting better.

If Eva Longoria says yes to this, I will lose whatever respect I have for her.

This couple is still trying to keep things quiet.

This is what happens when Kim Kardashian skips the gym for two months.

Why are officers still arresting Willie Nelson for pot? That's like shooting fish in a barrel.

I can't even imagine what this duet would sound like.

Here's how a couple of single girls spent Thanksgiving.

You don't have to be smart to be Miss Universe.

Now I'm interested in that royal wedding.

Winona Ryder wanted to be friends with Angelina Jolie. And she had an unusual choice of words for her romantic life.

Rest in peace, Leslie Nielsen.
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