Friday, December 10, 2010

Week in Pop Culture

I'm starting with this, which I believe is a slight improvement from pee pants.

You can't "Hassle The Hoff," but apparently you CAN "Cancel The Hoff."

Anna Faris is one more example of a sexter gone bad.

Nicole Richie is allegedly getting married this weekend. Guess who's not invited (besides me).

Adam Sandler and Paul Blart Mall Cop are working on another movie together.

Kelly Osbourne is having surgery that will keep her off her feet for a while.

Miley Cyrus is doing grown-up things.

Cameron Crowe and Nancy Wilson are officially divorced.

That Facebook Guy is giving away money (I'M RIGHT HERE! SEND ME A CHECK!).

New couple alert.

Wax GaGa!Lots and lots of Wax GaGa!

Wesley Snipes is in prison.

This news could get me to watch Desperate Housewives again.

Prince surprised the ladies of "The View" and Sherri Shepherd practically threw her panties at him.

I wonder how members of Congress would feel about sending Salma Hayek back to Mexico?

If you like the beach and have a few million, you can buy Charlize Theron's home.

I can't believe these two didn't become BFFs!

Aaron Sorkin hunted Sarah Palin.

These super cute shoes belong to a 12-year-old.

The "nerd prom" has its host.

George Lucas dropped a little bit of change on his new home.

You can forget about that same-sex coupling on Dancing With The Stars.

Barbara Walters has gone creepy.

This might be Christina Aguilera naked. I can't look.

Keep an eye out for a little Oompa Loompa you'll see in the glass ball dropping on New Year's Eve.

Jenny McCarthy is single again.

This will keep anyone from grabbing your butt - even if you're not a rapper.

If you made your name with your body, should you really be surprised if TSA wants you to go through that scanner thing?

This slideshow is good for stylists.

I hope this news about Aretha Franklin isn't true.

Tommy Lee is at war with Sea World.

If I didn't know better, I'd think Dr. Drew has a deal with clubs to help cast the next season of "Celebrity Rehab."

Alright! We get it! You have the sex!

Katy Perry, please explain this.
That Justin Bieber is a cash cow!

Regis and Kelly are both injured.

Holy Wonder Woman!

Barbie loves Lady GaGa.

So, they're serious about that 21 Jump Street movie?

Celine Dion showed off her baby boys.

Celebs have returned to Facebook and Twitter - darn you people for giving money to charity to bring some of them back from the "dead!"

Is this a sign Christina Aguilera had breast implants, or can we all just agree that's why she's so chesty and that it's not genetics?

Janet Jackson is a doll for charity.
Not sure this is a holiday must.

Tom Cruise - in a musical?

Kevin Smith is probably on a terror watch list now.

Jessica Simpson should stop singing and stick to the career that is making her a billionaire.

Brilliant or bizarre? You decide.

Christina Hendricks looks forward to her Christmas banana. Don't be dirty.

Russell Crowe is on Twitter - for a good reason. (I think?)

The Quaids are writing a book (but I wish they'd get a reality TV deal).

Diana Ross without makeup is less scary than me without makeup.

Oh no! WHY Emma Stone, WHY?

Kelsey Grammer is engaged. I bet his "Real Housewife" is fuming - or adding zeros to her settlement.

This movie sounds like it will skip the theaters and go straight to DVD - if it gets made.

I can only hope this movie is funny.

Ed O'Neil does not think Jane Lynch deserved the Emmy.

Oprah was honored by the Kennedy Center and she brought her twins with her.
This hurts me more than Oprah's chest.

I may ring in the new year with this.

Martha Stewart may not be able to decoupage her way out of her latest jam.

Oh, Uma Thurman! Must you do this?

I can't get enough of this celebri-kid.

Chelsea Handler attacked Angelina Jolie - even using the one word I don't use!

On a nicer note, Angelina Jolie is designing jewelry.

I don't know who Amber Heard is, but she wants you to know that she's a proud lesbian.

Eva Longoria has a sad face.

Josh Duhamel was booted from a flight.

Bristol Palin settles the "dispute" over how she wound up on DWTS.

Kathy Griffin looks great - just don't look at the back side.
Tea Leoni has some interesting comments about her husband's current job.

I don't care if David Beckham is losing his hair. He's still hot!

This actor's murder rap is so strange - but I find his eyebrows even stranger.

L-O-V-E Susan Sarandon! Would love her more if she had a stylist.

Michelle Williams had a tough assignment.

Rest in peace, Don Meredith.

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