Monday, December 20, 2010

On The Ninth Day of Tweepmas...

Twitter gave to me ... Hugh Hefner.
Well, he really belongs to us all, doesn't he? If you thought you knew enough about him from those stories about The Mansion or the reality show The Girls Next Door, you haven't seen anything yet. I learned these nine things from The Hef on Twitter.
Or as I imagine the Bunnies call it, "Classic Movie Night." It's nice of Hef to introduce the young girls to movies their parents watched.
That was re-Tweeted by Hef. It was originally posted by his current girlfriend (the only one living with him - according to his Tweets). Kind of not surprised that there are erect things lining the driveway. I imagine there might be glowing balls hanging around there. What? It's the holidays. Don't be a pervert!
OOOH! Movie trivia! I like it. I've never seen that one (but watched a little on youtube). I've only seen the one with Neil Diamond.
There's proof Hef is taking care of his own Tweet business! I wonder if he's reading this?
I can totally relate. If I don't call a computer a bad name at least once a week, all is not right with the world.
Really? I've always thought it means that either they want more cash or they're just testing the waters to see if anyone actually wants to see them naked.
It would not be Hollywood without the sign OR Hef.
NBC? Wow. I would think cable - or even a channel like HBO - would be the one pursuing something like this. How will they show the bunny bits? Parents (and prudes) will not be happy with that! If it winds up on TV, I'll still check it out.
Who knew? Hef might be the most knowledgeable man out there! If I'm ever on a game show that allows lifelines, I hope he'll be mine!

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