Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Burning Question

I had another strange dream. I was on some sort of game show where the final question was so tough, I cracked under the pressure. I really wanted the billion dollars (my dream, my jackpot - don't tell me it can't happen). But I just couldn't decide. So here was the question:
Who's hotter: vampires or werewolves?
At first, I thought vampires. I mean, have you seen some of them?
But, then, I thought of the super pale - almost translucent - skin. And the blood.
Also, I remembered the werewolves.
Also, they're really warm - and it's almost winter. So I thought the cold vampires would be the wrong choice. Just as I was about to shout "Werewolves!" I had no voice. Nothing came out. I heard the buzzer. I lost a billion dollars. I thought too long about this silly question. Why couldn't it have been one of these against zombies?
There's nothing hot about zombies.

NOTE: I'm trying to figure out what I did before bed time to have such a strange dream.
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