Friday, December 31, 2010

Week In Pop Culture

Here's proof a Kardashian will do anything to have her photo taken.
Does Queen Latifah know she's not really a queen?

After 20 years of marriage, this musician and his model wife are getting a divorce.

I'm guessing this probably cost Russel Brand something.

If getting a divorce is what this couple wants, this seems like a good first step.

Chris Brown just can't stop being a jerk.

I am refusing to like this song before I hear it.

Why am I not surprised that the Playboy Mansion is filthy?

So, no one wants to date John Mayer.

A film critic is a bit harsh on some of Hollywood's biggest stars.

I want to be Salma Hayek in 2011.

MTV's Jersey Shore NYE party had to move from NYC.

Apparently that "Girls Gone Wild" guy can't handle the married life.

This former child star battled an eating disorder.

Here's a peek at John Legend's home.

I no longer feel sorry for any of those Teen Moms.

George Clooney will save the world.

Celebrities make resolutions, too.

Johnny Weir: pop star. (?)

Reese Witherspoon is engaged (allegedly).

Take this, Camille Grammer! Oh, and take this, too.

Seriously, famous people! You are definitely in a salary bracket that requires you to pay some taxes. So why can't you people do this in a timely fashion? Especially when you're no longer making a steady paycheck!

I already can't wait to download this!

I don't normally agree with Rupert Everett, but I think he was right on with his thoughts on Jenifer Aniston.

Oprah gave Fergie some tough love.

One day, Cher and Kathy Griffin went to the beach.

If Christie Brinkley has a hard time meeting men, what does that say for the rest of us?

Not all celebrity scents are good.

50 Cent could be a good neighbor.

John Mayer is still douchey.

If anyone belongs in a sequel to Zoolander, it's this lady.

NYC's newest "Real Housewife" sounds like she'll fit right in (also, she seems a bit unstable).

Mickey Rourke's next movie could be interesting.

Stephanie Seymour is still rocking a bikini.

Elton John is a daddy (not a nickname).

Kelly Osbourne teased her Twitter followers with details of her split.

Charlie Sheen is NOT dead. Yet. These celebrities are also still alive.

Hilary Swank is getting into a new line of work.

I already thought Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton were weird. This just confirms it.

Maybe I'll understand Rihanna's clothing choices in 2011? I'm pretty sure her wardrobe is not to blame for her new relationship status.

Madonna was full of holiday spirit.

When Natalie Portman has news, she goes all out.

This is NOT a vampire.

The Cheaters are engaged for real this time.

Hugh Jackman is just like me: injury prone.

Santa brought Alanis Morissette a baby for Christmas.

Jay-Z is the best husband ever!

James Bond has a new girlfriend.

Ginnifer Goodwin is engaged.

Hugh Hefner is engaged to (surprise) a Playboy Playmate.

Here's a list of TV characters lost in 2010.

Rest in peace, Teena Marie.
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