Wednesday, December 22, 2010

On The Eleventh Day of Tweepmas...

Twitter gave to me ... Paula Abdul!
The former pop star turned reality TV judge is no longer being nicey nice to kids who think they can sing. She's judging the dance kids on Live To Dance. My inner dancer will check this out (at least until Dancing With The Stars returns). Paula was interesting to listen to on TV, so I can't wait to see what eleven things I can learn from her Twitter feed!

Maybe I should start looking for something cheery-esque to start the day. Hmmm. If I did that, people might think I'm on medication. Maybe I should be?

OOOH! That's a toughie. You see, it's rare that rude people notice your politeness. They usually look at you like you're stupid. That's why, I turn to my old friend, Snark. Rude people don't like a taste of their own medicine. But maybe next time, I'll think "What would Paula do?" and try being sugary sweet. Maybe.

Now I'm seeing a trend. This former Lakers girl is still a cheerleader! YAY!

You know who else multi-tasks? NEWS PRODUCERS. Try writing a story while the sounds of police scanners, puns, laughter that would make one of those guys from Revenge of The Nerds jealous and pleas of "look at me" every night. PS - this is why I drink.

Very true. You keep me waiting and don't call to tell me what's happening and I immediately start thinking bad things about you - until I think something bad could have happened. Then, once I see you, I'm over it. That's how my brain works.

So, I checked out this site. It's a casting website. You upload an audition and (if you have talent) you could be on your way to stardom. Kind of cool. Unless you get gonged. Not sure if there is a gong or if someone tells you to "keep at it" or "follow your passion." Those are nice ways of saying you're not gonna make it. If you hear that more than five times, you might consider your dream just a dream that makes you happy.

Fried egg sandwich? That would not make my top ten list of sandwiches (don't have an official list, but I'm pretty sure I could think of at least ten others I'd rather have). But if Paula likes a fried egg, then she should have at it!

I once unwillingly had my numbers read. I was told I was a "new soul." So when you say that I'm strange, I believe that means you have never met anyone like me. PFFFT!

Really? That is crazy! And I never would have known that if I had not been reading Paula's Tweets!

Because I live my life by the philosophy of "expect the worst so you're never disappointed," it might seem strange to hear me say "ditto." But I have been around enough people who are always talking about how much something will suck instead of doing something to make it better. I don't want you to tell me what's wrong. I want you to tell me how you can fix it. That makes things easier for all of us. Oh, and me. Because that's what it's really about.

I think that's a perfect way to close out this 11th Day of Tweepmas.

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