Friday, December 24, 2010

Week In Pop Culture

What? All grandmas don't look like this?
Christmas wish wasted: Soderbergh to do another Ocean's movie.

Oh. I get it. Junk in the trunk has two meanings.

Dustin Hoffman has shared a little too much information.

Penelope Cruz is suddenly VERY pregnant.

These guys aren't really going to do this, are they?

Miley Cyrus wants you to know she's a big girl now.

I'm a little surprised The Grammys is just now recognizing this bunch.

Jennifer Aniston might like her space.

So, Gisele is becoming Tom Brady?

Larry King wasn't in love with all of his wives.

Ozzy Osbourne is a bit tired of Lady GaGa.

Guess who was surprised by George Clooney while on vacation?

I had no idea there was so much drama behind the scenes of that lame Skating With The Stars.

Christian Bale is making a movie that seems like it will be really long.

Anyone else think this story about Nicole Kidman's kids with Tom Cruise is a bit strange?

Ali Larter has a baby boy.

Guess these two decided not to put it in ink - yet.

Some dumb guy broke into 50 Cent's house.

Here's one more reason I'm glad to have HBO!

If you have a lifetime's worth of plastic surgeries in one day, you should not complain about your scars.

Bret Michaels is engaged.

I think being forced to eat nothing but butter would be a good punishment for stealing from Paula Deen, but I'm not a judge.

Lindsay Lohan got in trouble at rehab.

LeAnn Rimes is classy.

I'm intrigued.

MTV has named someone who is NOT on one of its reality shows "Woman of The Year."

Look who's being knighted.

YAY! There's still time to give Betty White one more honor before the year's up!

This does not sound like a good business deal for Kelsey Grammer.

Tracy Morgan had a kidney transplant.

James Franco is not afraid to be called "The Worst Academy Awards Host Ever." Good for him!

Shania Twain is engaged to the the guy whose wife her husband cheated with.

Vince Vaughn has a baby girl.

So what if it's winter?

L'horreur! Lady GaGa wasn't able to perform for her Parisian fans! But she did manage to get a little close to a fan. And she did show off while on a walk.

I don't get these celebrity couples who file for divorce but have friendly food outings.

Kristen Chenoweth had a home disaster.

Will Smith is creating TV shows now.

Ordinary fellas, Jenny McCarthy wants to kiss you.

There's no way I don't side with Neil Patrick Harris in this battle.

Iman shared a little something about David Bowie.

Look! It's another ridiculous celebrity holiday card!

That movie, Country Strong, was inspired by a famous meltdown.

Rest in peace, Steve Landesberg.
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