Friday, December 17, 2010

Week In Pop Culture

Because it's my blog, it's Friday and I feel like starting this off with a little bit of pain...MOOBS! Translation: man boobs.

I'm annoyed that I have to wait a year for this movie!

Another Jessica Simpson ex is engaged.

Lindsay Lohan will Tweet for cash.

I fully support Don Cheadle as Miles Davis.

Sandra Bullock's next role is out of this world.

Apparently, Mel Gibson's mean ways go way back.

Spring-time drinking game: take a shot every time someone mentions Donald Trump's hair at this roast.

Usher got kicked in the face and laughed about it. Good to know, Usher. Good. To. Know.


Here's a strange intervention.

Awesome. Another movie remake.

Here's a list of the SAG Award nominees.

I had no idea Diddy's parties were so, um, hot.

Mariah Carey is having twins.

I am almost interested in Marc Cherry's new show. Almost.

Pamela Anderson is getting naked for money. AGAIN.

Glenn Close scares me.

Rip Torn avoided jail time.

Aretha Franklin is out of the hospital. Hope that means she's on the mend!

Kevin Spacey is still dancing around the question of his sexuality.

This does not appear to be a sign Gwyneth Paltrow's new movie is good.

Claire Danes longer lashes haven't come without a bit of suffering.

This guy thinks he might be the next King of Pop.

These artists are headed to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.

Keanu isn't just sad, he's crazy.

Anyone surprised there was a brawl at Hulk Hogan's wedding?

This may not be good news for Iron Man fans.

CNN really wants ratings on New Year's Eve.

Robert DeNiro is sharing a few things he's learned.

Debra Messing makes me want to wear makeup at all times.

People magazine released its most intriguing people list.

Time magazine named its person of the year.

This celebrity couple's divorce surprised me a bit.

David Arquette is apparently hosting a mean game show.

Jennifer Connelly is preggers.

Nicolas Cage can be cranky.

Love and surprise - Golden Globe nominations.

Here's a peek at some of the Oscar presenters.

Oh. So Cher has not had plastic surgery. She's just taping herself in place.

This is SO un-Betty Francis.

Oprah tried to kill Hugh Jackman.

Chelsea Handler spent some time in bed with this guy.

I was kind of weirded out by this marriage, but news of the divorce makes me sad.

Only time will tell if Will and Jada Smith's parenting really works.

If you think there are no good movies/TV shows to watch, have you checked out these?

Here's how Taylor Swift celebrated turning 21.

Jennifer Grey had surgery so she can dance - and other stuff - without pain again.

A young Hollywood couple broke up.

Elizabeth Hurley is getting divorced.

Angelina Jolie is the new Big Bird.
Michael Caine on the beach. Can't unsee it.

Bea Arthur was a bad ass.

An actress and an athlete tied the knot.

Nicole Richie got married over the weekend and wore not one, not two, but THREE dresses!

Glee has been infected.

Carrie Fisher may have outed John Travolta.

Chris Rock made a pregnant lady's day.

Lara Flynn Boyle's face scares me.
I was all about "Hawaii Five-0" until I read this.

Amy Adams has worked with Meryl Streep - so why is she starstruck by this lady?

Wow! Oprah is super charitable!

Rest in peace, Blake Edwards.

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