Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm Already Packing My Candy

Since it's December and people are all happy about it (have you heard the holiday music and the "happy holidays" business?), I decided this month, I will focus on the movies hitting theaters this month that I actually want to see. Here goes...

Black Swan

I love everything about this trailer! It is beautiful and dark - one of my favorite movie combinations! Cannot wait to see this one!

The Tourist

I love Angelina Jolie in an action film. Johnny Depp, well, I love him in just about everything. I probably won't see this one in the theater, but I will definitely add it to my Netflix queue (still under 400, if you're keeping tabs).

The Company Men

After seeing The Town, I forgave Ben Affleck for a string of horrible movies (worst of the worst: Gigli). I liked Up In The Air, so I think this one could make me appreciate what I have - or decide to throw in the towel and start over (not likely unless I win the lottery).

The Fighter

This looks to be Mark Wahlberg's best movie since Boogie Nights. And Christian Bale's super skinny self - Oscar material. I like the idea of those two playing brothers. And I like a movie that is sure to make me flinch. I always flinch when I watch boxing. I've never been hit in the face, but I can imagine that it hurts a lot and for days. Note: please don't punch me in the face to test this.

How Do You Know

It's possible I just like the idea of Reese Witherspoon and Paul Rudd in a movie together more than I will actually like this movie. Still, I might check out a matinee - if I'm bored and willing to hate myself later.

Rabbit Hole

I might be willing to give Nicole Kidman another chance. You see, I have been unable to watch her over the last few years because her face has been frozen - no emotion. But this trailer is making me reconsider her. I see movement. And I sometimes get a little weepy over the holidays and this would give me an excuse to shed tears in public. Confession: sometimes I do that.

Casino Jack

This is really more of a maybe for me. I have missed Barry Pepper. This could be a matinee. And if I miss it, it will slide into my Netflix queue.

Little Fockers

I was initially leaning towards no, but I realized the holidays are also about seeing movies that don't make you think. This will be totally predictable and silly. I can do that.

True Grit

Coen brothers? Check. Matt Damon? Check. Also: mustaches. Lots and LOTS of mustaches!

Country Strong

I was originally opposed to this. Then, I saw Gwyneth on Glee. But, I have a feeling I've seen this before - like last year when I saw Crazy Heart. I might see this because I'm pretty sure Gwyneth will get an Oscar nomination and I really want to know if she deserves it.

Blue Valentine

This is my kind of romantic film - tragic. I want a little bit of reality in my romance films. I also like the casting here.

And here's the other half of the list.

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