Sunday, December 19, 2010

On The Eighth Day of Tweepmas...

Twitter gave to me ... Khloe Kardashian.
I haven't watched much of the Kardashian clan on their reality show, but I have seen enough in interviews to know that I admire Khloe's honesty. Here are eight things I learned from Khloe Kardashian on Twitter.
First of all, yes. That is exactly what it looks like. Second, I am certain that odd light fixture costs more than a few bucks. I am pretty sure you don't get that at a Holiday Inn Express. I will now pay more attention to lighting. If you look at things enough, they become dirty. Or is that just me?
This is Khloe's reaction while watching her husband's Lakers play. I don't dig basketball, but I imagine she reaches the same volume I get when watching zombies/vampires and I start shouting, "KILL THEM!" Seriously, if anyone was standing at my door when I'm doing that, they probably turn and run away. As they should.
And we have reached the part of this post where I believe Khloe may be my sister.
I don't care if this is one of those "sponsored" Tweets, I want to know if this really helps! I have documented some of my recent odd dreams (see this, this or this for proof) and if this water would make me have normal dreams, I would buy it by the crate!
And, my brief love affair with Khloe is over. You know that inner gay man's voice us ladies have (if you don't hear him telling you your butt looks big, then you're in denial - we ALL have one)? Mine said, "Hell no!" to this movie. The costumes are amazing. But the story line looks more "Showgirls" than "Chicago" or "Moulin Rouge." However, I highly recommend the OPI nail polish inspired by the movie. I have been addicted to "Let Me Entertain You" for about two weeks now!
OK. Falling in like again. I L-O-V-E miniature animals SO much! Little horses are cute - but little elephants and giraffes... CUTER!
If she's talking about the crimes profiled on that show, I agree. If she's talking about Nancy Grace and her correspondents, I also agree. Those people are all kinds of shouty. No matter how low the volume, I can always here them. PS CNN - that's NOT a good thing.
I saw a lot of posts like this by Khloe. It almost makes me want to follow her. She seems nice. But not annoyingly nice. I'm going to give it a few days before I decide if I'll click follow.

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