Thursday, June 17, 2010

Another Strange Dream

Why can't I shake these odd dreams? Last night, I had no problem falling asleep. The only part of my dream I remember is what I happened before I woke up. Here's hoping someone can make sense of this one.

I was on a road trip. In this.
That's right. An ice cream truck/van thingy. When I saw that was my ride, I was excited! I thought I could eat fudgesicles and push-up pops until I was sick (likely one of each). Sadly, there was not one frozen treat inside.

Then, I met my companions.

Never seen them before. 
Scary Clown.

This is slightly less scary than the one I saw. He was never funny - unless you think "Want to see me make kids run?" followed by a sudden lunge of the truck as kids waved their dollar bills in defeat is hilarious.

I kept asking, "Who let the clown drive?" Silence. 

It was like they couldn't hear me.

Also, this clown had an evil laugh.

Soooo predictable.

In the passenger seat, a familiar face. But we had never met until this trip (or trippy dream).

Shaggy from "Scooby Doo."

There was no Scooby, but that didn't stop him from offering Scooby Snacks.

I just said no. I was afraid the word snack was code for some sort of illegal treat. Why? Because I remember this little pep talk from my childhood. Despite my crazy dreams and repeated references to my crack addiction, I have never done drugs. Ever. Test me.

But Shaggy was persistent. And I couldn't take my eyes off his shaggy excuse for facial hair. It was like the camera in my dream kept zooming in on his chin. How could a guy with so much hair on his head not have more than a dozen hairs on his face (minus the eyebrows)?

Riding in back with me was a guy who looked a lot like this.

Yep. Dude in a dog suit.

He didn't speak. He barked. He tried to stand up and shake his tail. He panted - a LOT. I kept suggesting he take a Scooby Snack, hoping his breath might improve.

Oh, one thing about that truck: it might look roomy, but it's not. And it's hot. So I kept pushing dog guy away from me, but every time the clown would take a corner, we'd slide into each other. 

Also, the dog dude seemed to LOVE the music that played on a loop. He bobbed his head to every beat of it. And it was playing on a cassette tape (random), so it would pause while it changed sides. This made dog dude panic. He would wine and shake until it started again. I think this is what will haunt me.

I have no idea what any of this means. I woke up feeling hot and my stomach hurt - only the last thing I wanted was ice cream.

As I write this, my dog is sleeping next to me on the sofa. I want his kind of sleep. Besides the occasional leg twitching, it seems pretty peaceful. And he gets so much more sleep than I do. In my next life, if there is such a thing, I want to come back as someone's pampered dog - only I don't want that crazy grooming or a daily costume. I want to wear my fur with pride!
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