Monday, June 28, 2010

I Violated Probation

One week after putting myself on book-buying probation, I have already violated the deal. It seems everywhere I turned, someone was talking about this book:
The premise: a man and woman meet and the book checks in on them the same day every year. I have not heard/read one bad thing about this book (which is becoming a movie). So, armed with a Borders coupon, I bought it at a bargain price. I figure it will be nice to read that after I get through "The Passage."

If you want to read an excerpt of "One Day," click here.

PS - I had to quit "Last Call." I made it through seven chapters (about one-third of the book) and just couldn't keep up. I like my historic books to stick to a timeline. This one hops from year to year. I might go back to it some day, but have now moved on (see the right hand column for what I'm currently reading).
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