Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Maybe Mom Is Right

I had pretty much forgotten about Cabbage Patch Kids until my mom recently came across the one I had as a little girl. If you didn't have one, let me give you a little history.

They came about in the late '70s and became really popular in the '80s. They were so popular, parents camped out in stores just to get them. The dolls came with adoption certificates and this little back story:
I vaguely remember getting mine. It was stuffed in my closet long ago. I do remember being happy to get this little doll.
Yes, yes. My curls are a bit fro-ish. But that was WAY before good hair products were invented, so suck it. There I am with the my doll. I think her name was Melinda. My mom swears that doll looks just like me.
The photo does not show her little freckles (just like the ones I have). If she had curly hair, I guess I would see more of a resemblance.

I am REALLY glad I don't have her in my house. I'd be afraid she'd come to life (like "Chucky") and terrorize me. I don't like things with eyes in a room while I'm sleeping. It's like they're staring me down - willing me to fall asleep so they can haunt me in my dreams. 
Come on!

That things is SCARY!

That movie did to dolls what "Jaws" did to the ocean: terrify me!

So, this time, I'm really hoping my mom holds onto that doll. I don't want her to wind up in my house. I like to sleep. And it's not the '80s any more. I don't need or want a doll. If I want to cuddle something, I'll hold my dog or cat.

While they may wake me up in the middle of the night, it's never that scary. Not even when I wake to see the cat looking at me.
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