Friday, June 25, 2010

Week in Pop Culture

Salma! We get it! You're beautiful and busty! Now, could you put those away?

The Fockers are coming back to the big screen. Not sure if I can get excited about this.

Justin Bieber's mom might be setting him up for a lifetime of therapy.

Fame has its perks. However, cutting in line will not win you fans.

This is the kind of thing that makes me not want to try Botox.

Oprah is in the middle of a voting controversy (and it has nothing to do with her pal, Barack).

Keanu Reeves says he's not sad, thank you very much.

One thing supermodels are really good at: snapping back into shape. DAMN YOU, GISELE!

Awww! Ben Stiller is a do-gooder!

This guy plays a vampire on the big screen and is also related to the ultimate vampire? Crazy.

It's nice to hear a "Real Housewife" being sensible about her body.

Oh, Cameron Diaz! I thought you looked really nice on "The Daily Show." Then I spotted this:

Take a look at the pit area. 

Yep. I spotted her with another pit stain! Seriously, her stylists need to either give her a liberal swabbing of super-strong antiperspirant, or they need to put her in clothes that don't show her looking like this. NOTE: I've previously written about my suspicion Ms. Diaz might be a tad stinky. Also, I'm not the only one who's noticed Cameron's pit problems.

"The Green Hornet" returns!

This guy you've probably never heard of will play Kevin Bacon's role in the reboot of "Footloose."

Mom jeans don't look good on anyone. So don't do this.

Not at all surprised yet another "Bachelor" pairing didn't make it.

Oh, great. Now Helen Mirren is showing skin. And talking about her sex life.

If you were hoping for a "90210" reunion, don't hold your breath.

I think Rihanna just wants attention.

These girls (Angel, left & AnnaLynne McCord) need to eat a burger.

Another week, another example of Miley Cyrus going full-on whore. She can taunt me in my dreams all she wants. I'm not scared!

While I have no interest in seeing that new "Karate Kid" movie, I am a little shocked to learn so many people hate (and I mean HATE) Jaden Smith. Um, he's a kid. Wait until he starts trouble to hate on him!

I am shocked! This actor decided to go to rehab - and not Dr. Drew's place!

You can live like a celebrity, but it will cost you.

I thought I posted nonsense on Twitter! Take a look at these celebrity twitpics!

Pants or no pants, here's one place Lady GaGa can't go. Jerry Seinfeld was unhappy with GaGa being moved to his Mets box & might have willed this to happen to GaGa.

Some actress you might not have heard have has decided to retire at the ripe old age of 24. It might not have been her decision.

Here's how one washed-up singer tries to stay in the news.
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