Wednesday, June 2, 2010

American Idol? Doubtful.

So this guy, Lee DeWyze, won "American Idol." It was news to me. You see, I quit watching the show after last year. I still found the show entertaining. I just realized that of all the years I spent watching this show and rooting for contestants, I rarely loved them enough to spend my hard-earned cash on their music. There are a few exceptions.
Kelly Clarkson had me from the moment I first heard her sing. I remember being at work and seeing her win the show. She was so emotional when she sang at the end, it was hard not to love her. And, like some girl who is considerably younger than myself, I buy her CDs every time.
Oh, Ruben! You and Clay were fun to watch! There was no outrage when you won. You are a good singer. So is Clay. I have never downloaded one single - and wouldn't even if it were free.
Fantasia had some great moments on the show. I thought this girl could be the next Mary J. Blige! Boy, was I wrong. She's the next washed up reality show star to get a reality show that does not involve Dr. Drew. Sad. 

Carrie Underwood. I liked her. Didn't love her - until she sang Heart's "Alone." Then, I was all, "This girl can SING!" I have liked some of her ballads. I have to be in the right mood for country music. 

Taylor was fun to watch. He reminded me a bit of my dad after he's had a few drinks and starts singing a bit too loud (side note: my dad does a MEAN Joe Cocker - always gets the giggles!). But Daughtry was UH-MAZE-EEEEENG! When he got booted, it was probably the best thing for him. I haven't bought his music, but I have liked it. Taylor? Never bought one of his songs. Wonder where he is now?

Young Jordin. She was darling. She could sing. I also liked runner-up Blake. I didn't care who won because I liked them both. Still, you won't find them on my iPod.

Ahh... the battle of The Davids. This one, and his comb-over, was good. The young David, well, he could sing, too. There's just something about loving a kid who is young enough to be your kid that bothered me. So, I kind of didn't care who won. By this time, I was realizing it didn't matter much to me. This show also had super hot Michael Johns. Sadly, none of them are in my music library.

Kris. He was good in a sweet guy with a guitar kind of way. Adam was so over-the-top, I would flip back and forth between, "I love him!" and "Enough already!" I could not name one song on their albums. 

And that's when I quit "Idol." I took me eight years to realize that while these top ten contestants are almost always great singers, I really only liked them as cover artists. When they release their own stuff, it just doesn't connect with me. So will this Lee DeWyze guy go on to be a big star? I don't know. I don't care. 


I don't think I'll go back to "Idol" with Simon gone. I love his honesty. I never disagreed with the comments he made to the contestants - especially in the tryouts. That's when I saw a horrible parenting trend. If your kid is not a great singer, dancer - or whatever interest he/she has, it's kind of mean to encourage them to try out for something (especially if it is recorded and will be broadcast on television). Encourage them to keep at it, but don't let your kids embarrass themselves. Too many parents did that on this show. Tell your kids the truth before they decide they're going to skip college and pursue a career that will never pay them enough to pay rent (because that's when they turn to porn - so I've heard). If you can't do it, find a Simon and let him do it. I don't do much, so call me and I'll do it. I'm not afraid to tell people the truth. I try to do it in a way that I don't make people cry, though I make no promises. 

I think even Simon could respect that.
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