Friday, June 18, 2010

A Wee Bit Closer To Finding My World Cup Spirit

I really am trying to find my World Cup spirit! I looked for it on ESPN's website. This is what I found.
Highlights, scores, stats galore. BORING. And, maybe I'm just hungry, but for a second I thought that was a hamburger in the background. Just when I was questioning why that would be there, I realized it was one of the stadiums.

I tried that CNN/Sports Illustrated website.

More highlights, scores, stats. As exciting as a tied score. Sarcasm, folks. I would rather watch people flip a coin or draw cards/straws/pencils than see a game end in a tie. LAME-O.

Hoping Univision could enlighten me...
Hey! Highlights! Scores! Stats! Not even the promise of translation from Google Chrome could inspire me. Oh, and don't think I wasn't slightly amused by the number of mustaches going on in Latin-Land!

I even checked the official World Cup site.
Are you kidding me? It's no better than the other sites! Wait. I spotted a few extras.
OOOH! The President is on Twitter! And they have fan photos! Is that all? Who's designing these sites? 

Just when I was about to say, "Forget about this silly sport that lasts way too long and often results in a tie (still not a win in my book)!" I came across a site that has figured out how to make me a little more interested in soccer.

Interview magazine.
Yes! Finally coverage that speaks my language!!! More proof:
And because they understand photos aren't enough, they posted this video.

So, thanks, Interview! You have helped me get closer to finding my spirit! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!
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