Saturday, December 18, 2010

On The Seventh Day of Tweepmas...

Twitter gave to me ... Gene Simmons!
You might know him from his KISS days, but did you know he's a wise (sometimes wise-cracking) dad, doling out advice on TV...

and on Twitter! So, here are seven things I learned from and about Gene Simmons in 140 characters or less.

I hope Gene isn't just setting the trend for rockers! People in his age group and older need to take care of this. Also, Burger King should consider making Gene the new spokesman. He's way less creepier than the big-headed king and these guys.

 Now, I think I might rush to see The Fighter before I see Black Swan!

TOTALLY agree. Every day, I get at least one racist email (sometimes it's so subtle, like an altered photo of The President to make him look like Hitler or a pimp). I wish people who lie about things were branded with tattoos on their foreheads and that their email/Twitter handles had to include the word "liar" so others would ignore their statements instead of forwarding/re-Tweeting them as fact. You don't have to like The President. But you must respect the office. Get ragey over facts, not commentary spread by someone who plays to your emotions.
Wow! That is impressive! No plugs? No extensions? No spray-on hair? Dads everywhere are envious!

Apparently, Gene was dehydrated and passed out at the airport. I have never had a black eye, but that looks painful. Also, instead of saying I passed out, I think I'd tell people I ran into Mike Tyson and he asked me to sing along to "In The Air Tonight."

 But he's so good at it!

This made me do a little squeal of delight! If ever there was a need for a Christmas miracle, please, OH PLEASE, let it be Gene on America's Dancing With The Stars! I would love to see him with someone like Karina! I would hope shooting in LA would be a little more appealing to Gene. A girl can dream!

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