Monday, December 27, 2010

This One's For The Suckers

While cruising USA Today, I decided to read an article about concert ticket prices coming down in 2011 (yay!). The article was interesting. But something else caught my eye.

Can you spot what distracted me? Here's another hint:

First, I see the blond girl whose top can barely contain her.

Second, I see she's a teacher. Really? Like the kind of teacher who winds up in the news for having "inappropriate contact with a student?" Because that's the vibe I get from that picture.

Third, it's a dating site? No credit card required? And you can look at the photos of singles in your zip code? I didn't dare click on the link because I'm afraid of those sites anyway. I also think a site like that which does not ask for a credit card is probably not doing background checks. TIP: If the site is not charging people and doing background checks, you're probably better off surfing the sex offender registry for a date. It's possible you might find a guy who was "misunderstood."

There's one more thing:

Ahhh. There's the catch. They lure you with a photo of a person you'll never spot on the website. If she's there, she's probably not disease-free - or even free for that matter (see: working girl). The girl in that photo is probably as legit as those girls on those "friends with benefits" commercials I see late at night on cable.

So, suckers, if you want to waste some time, go to those sites and hunt for a girl who is blond and busty and see what you get. I bet you strike out. And if that lady really is a teacher, I bet she doesn't stay employed for long.
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