Thursday, December 16, 2010

On The Fifth Day of Tweepmas...

Twitter gave to me ... Kim Zolciak.
If you're not familiar with her from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, maybe you've heard this song?

No? Well, maybe these five tweets will give you an idea about this reality starlet.

I have this thought every time I see what I hope is a shooting star! Then, I try to get that out of my head and make a wish before it disappears!

First of all, that Phaedra lady might be the craziest of crazies on ANY of those "Real Housewives" shows. Second, why does she always look confused? Third, how dumb does she think her family is that they wouldn't question her having a baby six months into her pregnancy and he's full-sized? I'm with Kim on this one. Plus, Kim says she was a nurse and she has two kids of her own (with a third on the way). She knows more about the baby business than Phaedra.

Hmmm. Maybe I should buy a wig. I'd like one to look a little less porny (sorry, Kim).

I wish I didn't have to learn things the hard way. But if you didn't make mistakes, you wouldn't learn some important lessons. And you wouldn't have ice cream to make it all better.

SO true! It's like when I say something is "awesome" and I don't always mean it in a good way!

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