Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Americans Are Lazy

That's what I've decided after catching two commercials this week. First, we apparently can't be bothered to reach down to wash our feet. Nooooooooo. We need this:
How did we ever get by without Easy Feet? Yes, it's important to wash your feet - including the little crevices between your toes. But the people in this commercial appear to be perfectly capable of doing that. Maybe if they showed some grandparents, I wouldn't think this is just lazy. PS - who's climbing into bed with filthy feet? Sickos.

Then, I saw this.

Really? So, we're no longer taking our dogs outside? The Potty Patch is supposed to be the dog's target? I'd rather not teach my dog that it's OK to relieve himself in one location inside. Also, the idea of having to empty that tray every day? Ugh. I'd rather put a diaper on my dog. Or I could teach him to use a litter box - same idea, right? Maybe if I lived in a high rise building and was snowed in, I'd consider that. But in my case, it seems lazy.

These products aren't helping our cause, America. The sight of these products is enough for foreigners to think we're too lazy to properly clean ourselves and walk our dogs. We're a joke. And not even a funny one.

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