Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Twitterverse Has Lost Its Mind

People, I have seen these images from Japan:

They are as scarier to me than any horror film. NOTE: I am easily scared by any thing that can kill me. It is totally understandable that people have questions they want answered. Twitter is definitely an easy place to find them. I just searched for nuclear experts there and found these people. But I saw this and it made me scared for the future.

SERIOUSLY? You people are asking Paula Abdul for advice about radiation from nuclear plants? I'm glad she didn't try to pass herself off as an expert.

And being her cheerful self, Paula provided this insight.

Now, I love me some Paula Abdul, but I'd ask her for dance tips and happy pills before I'd talk to her about radiation. It might be more helpful if Paula would point her followers to someone else or the information on this business instead of giving it her happy spin. Maybe some people were baiting her, hoping to get some looney answer that could make her look bad. Maybe they just don't know how to find answers themselves. If that's the case, I wish those people would get off the Internet and Twitter and get to a library or school. Oh, also, I'd like them to get out of the gene pool. NOW.
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